Who Is Behind Over 50% BCH Transactions?

The peer to peer electronic cash- Bitcoin Cash(BCH) the hard fork of Bitcoin(BTC) has captured the reactions of many people through one of the posts on Twitter. The social media post has got serious attention from the cryptocurrency followers on May 5. The post says that there is only one single address which is accountable for over and above 50% Bitcoin Cash (BCH) transactions during the last month.

@Iam Nomad, a Twitter user, and a cryptocurrency enthusiast tweeted in the post about the shady bitcoin cash address which has raised multiple questions and upshots as soon as the tweet got a flare.

As per the remarks from various industry users and bitcoin cash explorer, the odd account got operational this year on April 8. At the time of writing, the figure received around 23,400.06 USD (81.084 BCH) and sent around 22,154.31 USD(76.76767781 BCH). The analysis also shows that the suspicious account has made more than 587,000 in transactions up till now. Interestingly, amount transacted regularly in small figures and dealing per second of BCH with the same address that specifically dealt in $19,298 BCH and not many other cryptocurrencies. Also, around 1.17 million transactions have been processed completely by bitcoin cash blockchain. Out of the above-mentioned figure over 50% performed by the same wallet address.

No, doubt the BCH is in notice due to its hyperactive address and probably it can be considered a strategy of the management to create the popularity which is actually, not in reality, by artificially ramping up the activity of the network with one address. One of the persons while retweeting mentioned.

Another users commented that the these transactions possibly be performed by Roger Ver dubbed as “Bitcoin Jesus” or there might be a probability to perform a test for Craft.crash- a gaming platform like Minecraft because it is based on the BCH Blockchain and the developers wanted to take every piece of profit due to networks low fees of Bitcoin Cash.

However, one person also remarked in the contradiction and said the tweet made by @Iam Nomad is completely vague and calling a 2 digit IQ person.

Previously BCH also displaying on the website about the free giveaways for the BCH lovers to get the attention for its upcoming hard fork which is going to be performed on May 15. The hard fork would be important as per the executives of the establishment in order to maintain the network’s privacy and scalability.