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Hazy State Of Bitcoin Can Become Advantage For Other Altcoins

The gush over cryptocurrency outlay or in a more appropriate expression “investment” for some people is wonderful and for some who aren’t able to understand the pattern of money and the intellect is still appalling. So, why not just arise and get the clarity by gaining some further knowledge if we really want to grow ahead by investing in the rewarding altcoins and not just dependent on the discoverer of all cryptocurrencies “bitcoin.”

From $19,000 to 3,884.01, a remarkable plunge has been seen in the market since December, 2017, till last year end. The bearish market of bitcoin has hurt the attitude of investors to an extent. That is why, so many ICOs have also got failed due to non-funding, stability, and not to forget scams. The total market value of all cryptocurrencies has declined by 75% in 2018.

Although, as per the analysis and the predictions of the market leader “bitcoin” being the leading indicator for other cryptocurrencies will definitely show the uptrend.

However, it doesn’t mean bitcoin will offer 10-fold returns like the previous 7 years.

The principal reason is that bitcoin futures would likely cap the positive upside aptitude because, for the first time since bitcoin’s inception, there is two-sided trading in the bitcoin market. Ultimately, Bitcoin futures might prove out to be a reason behind reduction in the price of bitcoin. Interestingly, Futures trading enables newbie investors with the choice to bet against bitcoin. Moreover, it allows them to settle contracts in dollars, thereby, boosting their liquidity. Furthermore, bitcoin futures permit investors to trade off the cryptocurrency without essentially owning it.

It is sensible and convincible to forecast bitcoin at $25,000 in the nearer future and it will likable to trade within its ‘bullish band’, but not higher supposedly.

As we know that the sentiments behind investments are dependent upon the market volatility and here judgment plays an important role for future incentives.

Let’s be clear and identify the most important aspect of investment is the modus operandi or the fundamentals of any altcoin before investing. Out of approx.… 2000 altcoins there are only few which can be calculated as a good source of investment and returns.

Out of the huge list given below the few altcoins which can be considered prosperous and worthy to invest.

SingularityNET (AGI)

According to the company’s June blog:

“With SingularityNET, anyone can create, share, and monetize AI services at scale. It’s a full-stack AI solution powered by a decentralized protocol.”

SingularityNET progress is subjected to the growth of AI market in 2019 which is undoubtedly increasing and not to forget the prime share of revenues come from the AI for enterprise applications market. The impressive combination of a team also plays a crucial role apart from the concept and its usability. Hanson Robotics, Dr. Ben Goertzel along with Dr. David Hanson founded SingularityNET. These are the entities who are also responsible for making and the successful execution of the famous and panicking robot dubbed “Sophia.”

Furthermore, Maltese government support in the advanced AI methodologies and strategic partnerships- one among them is with DeepBrain Chain its major competitor including various other blockchain projects also played a vital role in the success.

Last year in Dec 2017, SingularityNET ICO through its incentivized token (AGI) had raised $36 million dollars in a few minutes.

It’s not impeccable but the progressing industry size, its motivating token, the proficient team has the capability and potential to give good returns to the investors.

Request Network 

The driving force behind Request Network is to build a decentralized payment system and become a superior version of PayPal in a form of “PayPal 2.0”. Request Network allows anyone from anywhere to request and pay the payment in a reliable and straightforward mode which is built on the platform of Ethereum. 

The company is regularly in touch with the public by delivering required information about the upcoming plans and ongoing structure.

While establishing PayPal nobody knew except the believer Elon Musk the future success of the money transfer business which started in late 1998 and completed its 1st IPO in 2002 for $1.5 billion which was actually remarkable. Following the same footsteps but with advanced technology Request Network is also trying to fabricate a revolutionary set up in a payment structure with a decentralized authentic ledger for storing information which is economical and protected. With advanced technological methodologies, the project also provides various features among others are invoicing, cross-currency transactions, identity protection, and many more supplementary benefits.

The platform became operational with MetaMask (an extension for normal Chrome browser) in Dec soon after their ICO in Oct 2017. After that they did not look back and till date performing immaculately.

The Request Network is backed by the industry cognoscente’s like Y Combinator, PricewaterhouseCoopers and others which conclusively shows the positivity and trustworthiness of the project with future benefits.


Hydrogen Project is the invention of fintech industry experts Michael Kane and Matthew Kane. The twin brothers with time-honored exposure and proven records introduced a flexible financial API platform that helps developers to speedily build, update, and manage fintech applications globally covering all the aspects: savings, investing, insurance, and wellness applications.

As per the information available about their professional life in 2009, they had introduced their first product in the form of a mobile application to manage the investment portfolio for the investors named “Hedgeable”

The free Hydro mobile app, launched in 2018 wherein the unexpected Raindrop feature announced which is said to be constructed to safeguard the accounts from unauthorized access, phishing attacks, and fraudulent practice.

Hydrogen is impressively supported by influential establishments Principal Financial, CI Investments, and TD Bank Group which has definitely provided the patronage and the connections for them.

The operational product, strong synergies, future updates, upkeep nature to deal with security issues in its general guide which is one of the most important elements of this product differentiates it with another cryptocurrency who claims to be safe and secure which in reality aren’t.

With all the current updates furnished by the management in a whitepaper through various phases like Raindrop, 2-factor authentication, Snowflake, upcoming phases comprising of Ice, tide, and mist, and recognized experience with persuasive partnerships proving its higher market-cap soon.


According to the latest press release: Everipedia is a blockchain based world’s largest encyclopedia using decentralized, Proof-of-Stake consensus model, the platform has the potential to oppose censorship while allowing users to vote on the accuracy of information like Reddit.

Everpedia is the upgraded version of Wikipedia and a monetary project for the editors and contributors in the form of the compensation if the information is accurate and penalized if it won’t with its IQ token

Wikipedia is largely run by the user submissions and yearly donations to stay informative and buoyant by allowing editing feature if the information is not right.

As per the latest information “Everipedia is in the process of expansion of its IQ Network with various decentralized applications (dapps) in development. The company hasn’t been funded yet, rather utilizing in-house resources as well as providing necessary funds to other teams developing dapps using the IQ token. Some examples of dapps under development include a prediction market, Oracle service, on-chain facts dapp and a quora alternative using blockchain technology.”

“The development of new apps powered by the IQ token is the next step in truly creating a decentralized consumer dapp network around a single token,” said Everipedia President and co-founder Sam Kazemian “We’re very excited to build these apps using EOSIO technology and increase the value and utility of the IQ token along with it.”

In a blog post it is mentioned: Everpedia started in 2015 as a more modern and inclusive alternative to Wikipedia by Theodor Forselius, Sam Kazemian, Travis Moore and Mahbod Moghadam, Everipedia is now building the world’s first peer-to-peer encyclopedia on the blockchain, incentivizing content creators by making them stakeholders in the knowledge base themselves. With millions of monthly unique users and over six million wiki articles, has already surpassed English Wikipedia as the world’s largest English Encyclopedia by content.

It is quite an interesting and valuable project if it sticks what it claims. The adoption of the internet will eventually on the rise in coming years and so the information seekers and contributors who will be validated based on the true data.

Last but important reflection:

For an enormous return definitely, we have to keep our eyes open all the time. Just by seeing the big marketing campaign and seeking word of mouth opinion won’t help us instead it can be a big failure for small investors. There are loads of scams are happening and has happened earlier this year but still, there are various projects which can yield the best returns in 2019 and thereon. The comprehensive due diligence is the most important step before financing any project which can change the entire sport of investment.

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