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Bitcoin Can Surge To $20,000 in 2019, as per Weiss Ratings Prediction

Internet is flooded with Bitcoin 2019 prediction searches, from the very beginning of the new year. Meanwhile, Weiss Ratings publishes new forecasts related to the Cryptocurrency sector for 2019. The cryptocurrency and digital asset industry have seen an untamed two years of bustle. The industry, during 2017, saw Bitcoin get extremely close to the value of $20,000 a pop. Furthermore, the altcoins managed to flourish at the same time. Nonetheless, the following year was nothing less than a roller coaster ride that kept pushing the various digital assets and cryptocurrencies down to hardly a tiny proportion of their all-time highs. But, there is nothing to worry as per Weiss Ratings. They have predictions for what is expected to ensue in 2019, as mentioned in their Bitcoin 2019 prediction report.

During past years, Weiss saw “considerable progress” in the technology. Nevertheless, Weiss also recognizes the dire troubles with the price in the digital asset and cryptocurrency industry. On an overall basis, there are seven different forecasts released by Weiss Rating, in the Bitcoin 2019 prediction report, for the general public as well as more savvy cryptocurrency investors. Of those predictions, two main predictions related to Bitcoin include the following:

“The use of Bitcoin, as a store of value, will increase considerably.”

From the point of view of researchers, Bitcoin is a simple and proficient means to exchange value between two parties. Moreover, with no significant competition in the cryptocurrency space, Bitcoin has secured their place fairly well as “a veritable digital gold.

“The value of Bitcoin will ascend again and head for new ATH (All Time High).”

In the Bitcoin 2019 prediction report, the analysts did not mention precisely how much above the present levels, the price of Bitcoin will ascend again. However, the analysts provided the same outlook that Stacy Herbert did in their conversation with SWIFT substitution. Notably, Bitcoin has primarily recovered and pushed into better prices, after the bearish streams.

At the time of reporting, Bitcoin is exchanging hands at around $3794, as per coinmarketcap. It is seeing a loss of around 1 percent on the day. Furthermore, it’s having a market cap of $66.2 billion and a market dominance of 51.2 percent.

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