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Ripple (XRP) Might Beat Bitcoin in 2019, as per Weiss Ratings

Interestingly, Weiss Ratings has numerous positive predictions about what 2019 may bring in the cryptocurrency bourses. One of them is that Ripple can beat Bitcoin in 2019. Few of the predictions are mentioned below:

“Few altcoins will ascend from relative insignificance to as much as twenty times their previous ATH (all-time highs).”

It is expected that multiple altcoins’ adoption will increase in the industry. The altcoins with superior technology as compared to their crypto-peers will probably benefit. This might eventually lead into a bull run. However, it may not be at the level that the industry saw in 2017.

“A select group of cryptocurrencies and digital assets will compete to build a new sort of internet.”

Projects like Holochain, EOS, and Cardano might help with the advancement of the Internet in the favor of cryptocurrency ecosystem, based on the information collected by the team. The same analysts believe that “Most will sooner or later fail.”

“Another chosen group of cryptocurrencies and digital assets will disrupt the world of banking.”

Stellar and Ripple are on the pathway to amend the approach that the long-established world of banking ends up functioning.

Interestingly, the aforementioned reports illustrate that XRP from Ripple “could in due course become the world’s No. 1 cryptocurrency.” However, Bitcoin remains the safest option.

“Bitcoin me-too tokens and coins will grow fainter.”

The aforementioned statement appears to be the only potentially negative point, despite several positive predictions of the Weiss Ratings about the crypto ecosystem in 2019. Moreover, they are not a big fan of Bitcoin forks and believe that forks are useless. As per the team behind the rating predictions, several cryptocurrencies and digital assets are going to disappear as they bring virtually zilch to the table. They’re expected to grow fainter over time. Furthermore, there is no innovative use case of the forked coins.

“New coins will rocket to the top 10.”

With new players like Hedera Hashgraph, Holochain, and several others, Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings has a stance that there will be widespread popularity about their advancement, eventually bringing them to the top 10 by market capitalization. Interestingly, the team mentioned further that these are non-blockchain DLT projects. These have the potential to become the new trust layer of the internet. Therefore, the respective tokens of these DLT based projects could surge in value more swiftly as compared to their blockchain competitors.

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