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Cryptopia Exchange Hacked, Under Vague Maintenance

At one side crypto enthusiasts are looking at the new regulations for its full accurate adoption and on the other side new revelations on hacking and stealing are on the rise.

January 2019 is just started and here another hack came across.

Cryptopia, headquartered in New Zealand whose cryptocurrency is Dotcoin, a steering digital asset exchange with over two million users on January 14, announced through Twitter posts about the implementation of unscheduled maintenance to sort out the issues which the users of the exchange started fronting due to technical troubles from the beginning of January 13.

Further, the exchange while sorting out the matter on January 15, in the continuation of the earlier tweets revealed that on January 14 (Monday) that the establishment had “suffered a security breach which resulted in significant losses.”

At present Cryptopia is under unscheduled maintenance mode as per the website status. The support route is also gone downright offline.

The exchange also conversed the public about the strong action and investigation process which has been started and treated as “major crime” by the High-Tech Crimes Unit, who are “jointly and actively investigating the matter and advising them.”

The notification has also sent to all the significant Government Law Agencies in New Zealand. All the interchange of funds and trading actions has suspended for the undisclosed time until the exchange is under maintenance.

On January 15, the officials posted an apology and clarification via Twitter of what has occurred by articulating:

“Hi, Cryptopians,

We apologize for the delay in keeping you updated and appreciate your patience. Yesterday, 14th January 2019, the Cryptopia Exchange suffered a security breach which resulted in significant losses. Once identified by staff, the exchange was put into maintenance while we assessed damages.”

“Staff then notified and involved the appropriate Government Agencies including NZ Police and High Tech Crimes Unit who are jointly and actively investigating the matter as a major crime and they are assisting us with advice.”

Until this is carried out, the Cryptopia Exchange will remain in maintenance mode and trading will be in a suspended state. The team has said that they are dedicated to getting the issue resolved as quickly as possible and they will update the community “every step of the way.”

However, there is no information has yet been postulated on the value of the losses, the tokens and currencies affected or any measures to refund users.

Surprisingly, Whale Alert twitted on January 13, that 48,029,306 #CENNZ (1,176,596 USD) transferred from #Cryptopia to Unknown wallet and about 19,391 #ETH (2,438,152 USD) transferred from #Cryptopia to Unknown wallet Tx: …

This is an ambiguous situation and assumptions are many. We will keep you on posting this. In the meanwhile viewers thoughts are welcome in the comment section below.


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