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Blockstream Finally Introduces Beta Version of Satellite API for Data Broadcast

Blockstreem’s mission of connecting “everyone on the planet” is progressing inexorably.

From August 2017, the technology firm is planning and developing its satellite network with the aim of becoming “one of the world’s first bitcoin-powered satellite services.” Recently announced on its website the latest move of launching the beta version of satellite API.

The company with their satellite data allowing everyone to broadcast data through free broadcast medium i.e., people can pay the fees using Lightning testnet. Once the testing would be effectively completed, the API(application programming interface) testnet will change over to the mainnet.

While connecting people globally and considering all the major aspects of security which is at present state limited in reach due to the penetration of global internet freedom the firm is claiming its product will enable the users to work in privacy which is achieved through modern cryptographic techniques. Hence, the decryption facility is apparently allowed to specific users or group of users. That means “broadcast data may be received by all Blockstream Satellite users, a developer can create an application using public key encryption and distribute keys only to the intended recipient(s).” to keep it safe.

The company further offers a feature of secure payment through lightning payment network method to shell out for the services- which disconnects the payment source from the destination.

The firm’s claims this development of using encrypted messages through its satellite is a “data agnostic” product which is free momentarily through Lightning testnet.

The service is available for both developers and non- developers which enable developers to “submit messages through a RESTful API” while non-developer can submit simple messages with its easy-to-use porta via Blockstream website.

However, the product has come with the limitation of the maximum size of the messages considering transmission time frame of within ten seconds “if it is submitted with the highest current bid per byte.”

Further, the company has mentioned for the developers to employ “their own encryption, fragmentation, and reassembly of large messages in cases when they require transmitting larger bits of data.” Because the “Satellite API service provides only the low-friction transmission of data through the Blockstream Satellite network” which is fair to an extent.

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