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2019 Might not be the Watershed Year for Institutional Investors to get Into Crypto: Winklevoss Capital Investor

At the Crypto Finance Conference, St. Moritz, Switzerland on Jan. 17, one of the partners at the Winklevoss twins’ family office Winklevoss Capital, Sterling Witzke, expressed her outlook on the cryptocurrency market.

“Because the end of 2017 was so crazy, people tend to think space moves at lightning speed [..] At the level of underlying [tech] development it [often] does […] but I think it takes a while for institutions to get comfortable. There needs to be better custody, healthy debt and credit markets to get [them] really excited. So I don’t think 2019 will necessarily be the year.”

Witzke pointed on the turning moment for the cryptocurrency market and compared the year 2019 to 2017. The unbelieving results of bitcoin when it was rocketing at $20,000 in 2017 has been seen a sudden shift of awareness of what it takes for traditional capital to adopt innovation due to volatility.

Due to the sky-high results of bitcoin, the probability may be full of suspense. The American investor which is known for her seed funding support to startups sensing that “the expectations are running ahead of facts on the ground and year 2019 might not be the breaking point for institutional investors to embark into crypto investments.

Sterling Witzke, a partner at the Winklevoss twins’ family office Winklevoss Capital, says she doesn’t think 2019 will be the watershed year for institutional investors to get into crypto. Witzke backed her claim by arguing that expectations are running ahead of facts on the ground.

At Winklevoss Capital, Witzke commands all private investments for the family office, providing funding and strategic support to a large portfolio of investments spanning multiple verticals.

Witzke supplemented her viewpoint and stated, “investors thoughtfully dipped their toes into crypto and nobody had taken the plunge.”  Also, focusing on two major aspects as a reason: lack of regulatory clarity — remarkably in the United States — and security fretfulness.

Witzke, additionally shown the concerns for crypto consumers and stated that they also deserve the same protections as traditional investors.

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