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The Open Financial Market is on the cards: CoinBase Expanding Its Arms in 11 More Countries

The leader in the cryptocurrency space seems to have a bright future in the long run. In a quest of making cryptocurrency globally a mainstream adoption, the San Francisco, California based digital currency exchange and wallet provider introducing new initiatives regularly in a rapidly growing market.

As KoinPostinformed earlier in April, about Coinbase recent move for the UK customers through which crypto assets can be utilized while making payments for daily needs in all the stores. Coinbase launched a crypto Debit card in partnership with VISA to facilitate the UK citizens to purchase goods and services through online or offline payment mode to expand into cross-border payments method.

Coinbase pro is also supporting three new tokens these are EOS (EOS), Augur (REP), and Maker (MKR) and added in one of the recent developments of the establishment. The progressing firm in order to make its strong user base is now ready to go beyond anyone as compared to other firms of a similar sector.

On April 17, 2019, another big achievement has come into the notice through Coinbase blog post. Now, cryptocurrency traders and investors are able to deploy and Coinbase pro for crypto-to-crypto trading and conversions to 11 more countries in Latin America and Southeast Asia. Coinbase is already serving its customers in 32 countries across two continents. The users of other countries can access the facilities including Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, India, Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines, and New Zealand too.

This is indeed a remarkable growth of the company while servicing and benefiting the customers of 53 countries, spread across four continents, and in a way helping them to adopt cryptocurrencies which earlier wasn’t available. 

According to the post, Coinbase Pro and enabling millions of its customers to store, trade between different cryptos and send crypto off-platform, and also receive cryptocurrencies through a verified trading oldest platform with trust and ease.

“Coinbase is in a direction of making a strong backbone for the decentralized economy through its initiative of converting one crypto asset to another crypto asset. The development would certainly be a catalyst for the upcoming new use cases of decentralization. The conventional financial services like lending or micropayments can also be visible in a decentralized form which would help the nations to build the new and open financial system that no one has ever thought of.”

Now the time is not so far when the cryptocurrencies can be fully adopted from the investment phase to a utility phase all across the globe. We have to just keep on learning and progressing while adopting new technologies and methodologies.

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