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TRON News Today: TRON CEO Says He’s Responsible For Bitcoin’s Price Growth

Justin Sun, the young TRON Founder, was attending the TWN2019 conference in Amsterdam this Friday and he was interviewed by Nodeunlock Founder Elliott Calendar on the topic: ‘Justin Sun as a human’. In the interview, the TRON CEO was also questioned about his controversial Twitter marketing.

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TRON CEO behind the bitcoin price rise?

Justin Sun, the young CEO of TRON is usually never shy of trying to increase the price of one of these projects, TRX or BTT, whenever he gets the chance to do so. This may have given him a very enthusiastic and boosting community, but also a very uncertain reputation within the cryptocurrency world.

Justin Sun claimed he was quite responsible for pushing the price of Bitcoin high after the Binance hack. Just after the news got out that 7000 BTC were stolen from the exchange, the cryptocurrency market didn’t know what do to do until Sun’s tweet saved the price. This is what the CEO of TRON had to say.

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The young CEO mentioned on Twitter:

To support @binance, I will personally deposit 7000 BTC worth USDT -40 million USD into @binance to buy $BNB, $ BTC, $TRX & $BTT if @cz_binance agrees. No need to #FUD! Funds are #SAFU!

This was tweeted on May 8.

Sun mentioned on TNW stage, “I definitely know I have a great impact on the community and the cryptocurrency price.” 

“When Binance got hacked the other day, the Bitcoin price dropped from $5900 to $5700. Then I posted a tweet in which I said that I would spend $40 million in USDT to support Binance and the price went back up right away”,

Sun added talking about the tweet in which he stated that he would be buying BTC, BNB, TRX, and BTT with those USDT once he is on the Binance exchange.

Then the CEO was questioned if it’s all right to speak out on crypto prices as an influential player in the space, something that would not be possible in a more regulated place, he had answered saying that he genuinely wanted to help because CZ (Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao) and the CEO are friends and he believes in CZ and Binance. The CEO also mentioned he didn’t want people  ( Binance ) to lose confidence because only 2% of their total holdings got hacked.

Justin Sun and the Reactors.

Since the eccentric and young founder of Tron had attended the interview and his recent tweet on 11th of May noted that ‘right now’ is a good time to buy Bitcoin, the young CEO’s been getting some roasting.

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Justin Sun believed and noted that after he announced that he would send $40 million in USDT to support the world’s number one crypto exchange, the price that dropped by $200 would not return to normal. He says that it was because of him that Bitcoin rose up to $5900 after his tweet that was made when bitcoin was at $5700.

Despite all the criticism Sun is receiving there are people also saying that it’s just what haters do.

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