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Tron News Today: Tron (TRX) and DAI Gets Added On E-Commerce Platform WSWC

The 12th leading virtual asset in the crypto  market, Tron [TRX] takes a step further in terms of its espousal to an e-commerce platform, We Shop with Crypto [WSWC]. Markedly, Tron is not the only digital asset to be added to its payment list. One of the leading stablecoins, DAI is also added on the platform. It is to be noted that DAI is the native coin of MakerDAO ecosystem.

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It is to be noted that We Shop with Crypto is an e-commerce site that has allegedly over two hundred products on sale. Interestingly, it accepts only cryptocurrencies and digital assets for payments. With the inclusion of these 2 crypto assets, the e-commerce platform now accepts around thirty five digital assets and cryptocurrencies for payments. The other noteworthy cryptocurrencies and virtual assets accepted for payments on the platform includes Litecoin [LTC], Monero [XMR], Ethereum [ETH], NEM [XEM], Ethereum Classic [ETC], Stellar [XLM], and Bitcoin [BTC].

The crypto specific e-commerce platfoem stated on its website that they also offer a wide range of Seller Services and tools that facilitate inventive entrepreneurs manage, start, and scale their businesses. The website adds that their prime mission is to re-imagine commerce in an approach that builds a lasting and more fulfilling world. It further states that they are committed to using the power of business to empower people and support communities.

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In recent times, Tron was in the glare of publicity due to the news relating to the development of the decentralized BitTorrent ecosystem. The CEO of Tron Foundation, Justin Sun divulged BitTorrent’s fresh project BitTorrent File System, BTFS. Notably, BTFS is a protocol and network implementation

“that provides a content-addressable, peer-to-peer mechanism for storing and sharing digital content in a decentralized file system.”

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Image by Mudassar Iqbal from Pixabay

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