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Bitcoin News: Braiins, The First Bitcoin Mining Pool Is Rebranding

Braiins the 1st cryptocurrency mining pool has decided to adopt an intense public approach in its functioning towards the cryptocurrency community. Following this process, the company is now rebranding its operations and making few more developments in its adopted crypto mining pool firm, known as “Slush Pool” which is operational under Braiins since 2013.

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Reportedly, Braiins assisting Slush pool from the past six years and from the time the company is persistently progressing high towards its aim of designing and developing mining hardware and software in the growing Bitcoin (BTC) ecosystem.

Braiins is a Prague, Chez Republic- based full stack digital currency mining developer and pool operator founded in 2011, by Jan Capek and Pavel Moravec. The developer is one of the largest bitcoin mining pools and it creates more than 9% of the cryptocurrency’s hashrate as of today.

In order to make the services publicly available, Braiins for the first time in the history of 8 years determined to rebrand aggressively its processes to facilitate its users who would be able to experience a better and seamless version of the products and services with the upgraded side of the platform. Reportedly, this would happen by releasing significant updates for both the Braiins OS and Slush Pool.

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This move would involve Slush Pool more deeply with Braiins. The ensuing actions purportedly start by redesigning of its logo and updating various new features in all its product websites. According to Braiins creative director LubošBuračinský, the company wants to align all its products under one platform to operate smoothly by unifying there look.

As per the information, Braiins Co-founder & Co-CEO  Pavel Movarek expressed his concerns about the prevailing cryptocurrency mining system which is purportedly scary. He also pointed on the Braiins OS: ASIC miner firmware that was launched in 2018, to take back control of the mining sector and to redefine open source mining software.

Jan Capek, a co-CEO of Braiins, while highlighting the reason of rebranding said that, in order to revolutionize the cryptocurrency mining industry adoption of new standards and promotion of creativity is important. So, “Slush Pool, Braiins OS: ASIC miner firmware, and any other product or services which they are planning to launch in the 2nd half of 2019, and other forthcoming products and services would be easily recognizable to the public.”

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