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New Announcement: EOS Powered Social Media Platform Voice

EOS the private company of has made an announcement to launch Voice- social media platform deploying EOS public blockchain. The announcement made during the event of on June 1.

According to the CEO of Block. One Brendan Blumer there is a comprehensive need of revamping structure in social media platforms which are fundamentally broken. It’s important to cater to the major issues and make good use of the new technology which has a lot of potentials to overhaul the outdated systems and processes. EOS blockchain based Voice platform proposes the complete transparency on how it operates, without hiding out any content-pushing mechanisms or any algorithm of which the user is unaware.

Comparison B/w Existing Social Media Platform With Upcoming Voice

Brandon in the Block. one event which held June 1 in Washington D.C further went on to disclose few important updates that would be beneficial from the security, privacy and ease-of-use point of view and also revealed the true appearance of the existing social media platforms which are making money by using the users content and their invaluable data, pitch the information to the advertisers which is unobserved by platform users. The voice on the contrary changes that.

In the firm’s press release it is mentioned that through Voice social media platform the community is able to derive a value which is not limited to the corporate structure anymore. On the new offering, Blumer said that the existing social media platforms are designed to use their users in every possible way without their consent and knowledge. The EOS public blockchain based networking platform would deal with everyone in the same way from a user to a contributor, the platform, without any hidden algorithms and invisible interests.

As per the press release, the EOS blockchain is also going to be upgraded shortly to version 2.0. the parent company of EOSIO also unveiled its collaboration with Coinbase for the “earn as you learn” online course in order to create the awareness among its users on the EOSIO software through their Coinbase Earn program.  The online course would enable to take the education about any listed cryptocurrency as per their choice in exchange for a very minimal amount in the form of digital currency which they would learn.

On the other hand,one of the cryptocurrency curators Nathaniel Whittemore expressed his views on EOS driven Voice social media platform and said that there would be“No Unique Value Proposition.”

Image by Erik Lucatero from Pixabay

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