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Bitcoin News: Polish Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinroom Missing With Users Fund, Another Scam?

Coinroom, Poland based cryptocurrency exchange has seemed to be disappeared overnight in April, with customers money which can be over tens of thousands of Zlotys. The local media outlet reported on May 31.

The proprietary web-based trading platform ran accurately without interruptions till the day when customers got information through an email about contract terminations. After this massive outbreak, the exchange did not give much time to its customers for withdrawals.

All of a sudden the company went underground. The website, social media portals along with its Twitter’s page have disappeared. The contact number reflecting in the search engine isn’t functioning either. The company president Tomasz ZbigniewWiewior has vanished with the funds. Possibly, Wiewior has moved permanently or opened a company in Estonia, the news website further indicated.

As per the information, the business media firm has received an email from one of its readers informed about the scam which Coinroom has carried out and shut down all its operations after one day of informing its customers to withdraw all their money in a day. Allegedly, the terms of the contract were in accordance with Coinroom regulations which were earlier signed by the users. Most of the customers conveyed that they were unable to get their funds back while few of them claiming to have some parts of the funds.

According to FXEMPIRE review, Coinroom formed in 2015, and finally launched in early 2017, the cryptocurrency exchange started operating with buy and sell features on the platform while offering customers to use their fiat currency for the transactions without any prior approval. Soon, the Polish firm expanded its functions in providing ATM services to the customers for deposits and withdrawals. With the platform people were also allowed to make payments of their bills across Europe with cryptocurrencies.

Before ceasing its operations, Coinroom reportedly sent brief emails to its customers, containing information about contract terminations. After receiving the mail, Coinroom customers had only one day to withdraw their money and if they failed to follow then they would have to contact the stock market individually regarding withdrawals. It is mentioned that all this is in accordance with Coinroom regulations signed by the users. However, customers reportedly claimed that some of them got only part of the money, while most of them did not receive their funds back at all. The report also indicates that up to 60,000 Zloty (around $15,790) were there in customers’ accounts. One of the aggrieved customers lost around 2.005 BTC by ordering payment to another address from Coinroom. The customer mentioned his miserable condition by stating that- in spite of getting the confirmation from Coinroom that the fund transfer was ordered, he didn’t get the fund transfer in the address till date.

As per the news website, one of the depressed customers who lost 10 thousand Zlotys, Mr. Rafał went to the Coinroom’s office, 2nd day after receiving the mail, although, he wasn’t entertained by the receptionist and instead asked him to provide his details to be contacted him later.

The spokesperson from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, ŁukaszŁapczyński told to that the case proceedings have begun against Coinroom and reportedly the executives are identifying other sufferers who caught under the way and lost their hard-earned money. Following this initiative, the office would get help in order to detect more on the unauthorized activities of the wicked payment service provider.

Coinroom has stopped all its activities. The CoinMarketCap’s cryptocurrency exchange index is also showing $? USD (0.00 BTC) balance in the defunct and shammed cryptocurrency exchange.

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