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Blockchain News: Mark Karpelès Former Mt. Gox CEO Ready to Serve as CTO in Another Blockchain Firm

At the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan, Mark Karpelès has publicized his new undertaking as a CTO in a Japan-registered Blockchain tech firm, Tristan Technologies Co. The new move by the former MT. Gox founder has mentioned in Japan’s National daily  The Mainichi on June 5.

The 34-year-old French man- Mark Marie Robert Karpelès dubbed as “MagicalTux”, however has escaped from maximum charges of embezzlement after the consequences of hacked Bitcoin exchange and given a suspended jail term of 2 ½ by the Tokyo District Court on Feb 15, 2019, and relieved on the condition if he serves “good behavior” within four years. He is still dealing with the charges of manipulating the electronic records, which according to the court wouldn’t be tolerated.

Earlier, during the opening of his trail in 2017, he mentioned his innocence from all the allegations. He further retaliated all the unfitting claims and believes that appealing to the judgment is appropriate because only then he can be judged again which would be in full consideration of all the facts.

Now in an optimistic move towards continuing his career, the computer prodigy wanted to “start everything from the zero” with a new Japan-registered and Tokyo-based tech firm Tristan Technologies Co. according to The Mainichi’s report.

Reportedly, Karpelès expressed his fascination towards Japan and wanted the country once again to regain the lead in technology which it lost to American companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Facebook over the last few decades.

While speaking with the correspondents he mentioned his love towards Japan which hasn’t changed till date and with an objective to support the country Karpelès wanted to make Japan a global leader in blockchain technology with his new project.

Purportedly, Tristan Technologies proposes to design and construct a new, secure blockchain-powered operating system that would be significantly faster than other systems currently in use.

In his words “Japan used to be engineering superpower in terms of its PCs but right now, taking the cloud, for example, it’s the U.S. that dominates. But I still believe in potential Japan has and I would like to develop that,” he declared.

The Collapse of Mt.Gox & Karpelès New Move

Reportedly, Karpeles moved to Japan in 2009, acquired Mt. Gox from Jed McCaleb in 2011, after the collapse of Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange in 2014, that caused a major loss of around 850,000 (BTC) which has a present value of $6,65,17,34,500.00 at press time, he arrested in 2015, served a detention period of 11 months. Now ready for another move in his life which can possibly bring up various new innovations and in a way can correct his abusive stance in the society.

As per the reports, the former CEO of defunct Mt. Gox cryptocurrency exchange communicated the potential uses of blockchain technology and its unimaginable abilities to deploy in cashless payments, cloud solutions, and new areas called “smart contracts,” or digital transactions.

Cryptocurrencies are risky and he isn’t possessing them right now, Karpelès indicated to the reporters while asking about his holdings. “I wouldn’t say I’m rich today,” he added.

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