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Cryptocurrency Update By Coinbase: New Visa Card launches in 6 More Countries

Coinbase, San Francisco, California based major cryptocurrency exchange has introduced its Visa debit card to six more European countries to make people’s life more comfortable which would be based on trust. The latest information is revealed by CNBC on June 11.

Earlier this year in April, the pilot was done for its UK based customers to test the first phase of its Visa debit card and give the users the comfort of using their conventional and old plastic cards to make them happy and habitual with the services to buy and sell via cryptocurrencies. Following the interest of the customers and merchants along with hassle-free usage and acceptance of the cryptocurrency Visa card, the company decided to expand further in more countries to make the best utilization of its services which are now available to the customers in Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland and the Netherlands as per the policies and future plans.  

As informed by KoinPost earlier, the painless exchange of goods and services has become possible due to the cooperation between Coinbase and Paysafe which has helped the customers to live freely and spend their cryptocurrencies which they weren’t able to spend earlier and kept somewhere in their wallets. The card is issued by Paysafe Financial Services Limited, which is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) as a certified issuer of electronic money and payment instruments.

Now, the crypto favored customers are able to deploy the Visa debit card which is integrated directly to their Coinbase personal accounts. The customers are able to withdraw the fiat currency through ATM (automatic teller machines) by using the physical card. The establishment has also facilitated its customers by providing them the ease of service through its app which would work both for iOS and Android.

Reportedly, now any of the supported cryptocurrencies can be spent effortlessly by the customers to get the services from the merchants who are accepting Coinbase Visa debit cards. Here, the benefit to the users is that Coinbase is aiding the customers by converting their desired cryptocurrency to cash, for a fee.

Coinbase U.K. CEO Zeeshan Feroz expressed his excitement by mentioning that people can buy groceries through Bitcoin(BTC) and enjoy coffee on Litecoin(LTC), subsequently.

CoinBase Expanding at a Fast Pace

Coinbase is growing its customer base by experimenting on various new offerings instantaneously and by doing so expanding the services in various places one after the other. In May, the cryptocurrency exchange started delivering trading services to 50 more nations and added trading support for the USDC stablecoin in approx.….. 85 countries along with the daistablecoin to its platform which is called Coinbase Earn Program. This service will reward the users for watching educational videos in the form of cryptocurrencies. Now, this is something interesting as the customers can educate themselves and earn simultaneously which undoubtedly no one wants to miss.

However, in spite of several additions, and the last year acquisition of decentralized peer-to-peer trading platform Paradex, the establishment is cautious enough not to indulge in decentralized exchange segment as of now because the authorities are still not clear on the concrete outcomes of the investment which is dependent on the compliance, safety, and security issues. According to the Coinbase Vice President of Business, Data and International Emilie Choi.

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Image Source: Twitter/CoinBase

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