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Huobi Cryptocurrency Exchange Coming To Turkey

Huobi– the 2nd largest cryptocurrency exchange by CoinMarketCap adjusted volume (24h) data is going to expand its operations to Turkey by this year-end. The company has announced the latest updates for the Turkish cryptocurrency investors through a press release published by New York-based PR distributor PR Newswire on June 26.

Huobi – China Cryptocurrency Exchange

Huobi is a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2013, headquartered in Singapore and has offices in Hongkong, Korea, Japan, and the United States. The company is also planning to spread out its operations and to establish its crypto-to-fiat platform in other locations where the userbase is keen to avail the benefits of digital assets. Since 20% of the Turkish population is already acquiring cryptocurrencies and the percentage is expected to increase with the incremental knowledge of this space, this is the right time for the mushrooming organizations to expand their reach and mobilize more customers. Huobi is one of the early movers in this direction and as a part of its global expansion plan the company is moving forward to open up a branch office in Turkey in the approaching months. The information also reveals that in addition to Turkey, Huobi is looking forward to expanding e in other markets as well including Romania.

Reportedly, Huobi’s expansion into Turkey will be administered by Huobi MENA, headquartered in Dubai which is the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia branch of Huobi Group.

In a Huobi sponsored meetup, Istanbul, Livio Weng, Huobi Global CEO, states that “Turkey is a very important and promising prospective market where the cryptocurrency trading community is quite passionate” and Huobi is moving ahead aggressively to capture the benefits.

Huobi Exchange and Turkish Lira

As per the information, the world leading blockchain company is not only directing towards a fiat on-ramp for Turkish currency i.e. Turkish lira (TRY) but also localized products and customer services. In this direction, Huobi Global website has also added the Turkish language for the customers and would be starting local language customer support along with Turkish language mobile app. Additionally, the company has launched its Huobi Tokens for the Turkish users, which gives them access to Huobi Prime and Fast Track options.    

Interestingly, the pioneers of the cryptocurrency space exponentially moving on high growth and developing their products and services globally to make their robust user base. Recently, Recently, Coinbase San Francisco, California based crypto exchange and wallet service provider spread out USD Coin (USDC) to its cryptocurrency trading community which is existing in 85 countries, and Turkey is one of these countries.

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