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Golem Commences New Entity, Used Proceedings of 2016 Crowdfunding Campaign

Golem, the decentralized CPU power developer, is allegedly launching a new entity using funds of the capital raised in its original crowdfunding campaign.
Julian Zawistowski, CEO of Golem Factory, declared about the commencement of a fresh division called the Golem Foundation, in a blog post on June 28. The post added that the aforementioned launch will ostensibly allow Golem to spread out its solutions and potentially boost the value of the whole project.
Zawistowski mentioned in the post that the Golem Foundation aims to build up some new approach for GNT token. He added that plan comprises of testing some new hypotheses, which visualizes an even better use of the company’s resources.
It is to be noted that the new foundation will be headed by Zawistowski and his colleague Andrzej Regulski, who was earlier COO at the firm. On the other hand, the rest of the Golem co-founders, Aleksandra Skrzypczak and Piotr Janiuk, will be exclusively accountable for the Golem Factory.
As per a report by CoinDesk, the Golem Factory is getting ready to declare a new structure focus on Golem’s upgraded version with 2 new use cases in the approaching weeks.

Golem Network & Golem Coin GNT

It is to be noted that the Golem Network, which is based out of Poland, is a digital asset and P2P app developer that raised around eight hundred and twenty thousand ETH(valued at nearly $238.7 million at the time of reporting). The amount was raised in its crowdfunding campaign in late 2016. Particularly, the company developed a Peer-to-Peer computing ecosystem in order to deliver global decentralized CPU power, based on the Ethereum blockchain.
Moreover, Golem joined the Ethereum Community Fund, last year. Interestingly, the fund endeavors to hook up and support the expansion of the Ethereum infrastructure along with several projects like Maker, Cosmos, etc.
What do you think about the future prospects of Golem. Will it be able to revolutionize the P2P computing ecosystem. Let us know in the comments below!

Image Source: Twitter/GolemProject

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