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XRP News: Ripple Ranks Thirteenth On San Francisco Business Times Awards List

Coming as a positive development for the Ripple [XRP] community, Ripple has claimed the thirteenth position in the San Francisco Business Times Philanthropy Awards. Notably, The remittance network has been doing some great benevolent work in the previous couple of months, which has got well-deserved acknowledgment.

Ripple [XRP], Tron [TRX], and Binance [BNB] Charity

It is to be noted that the principal contributor to the rankings could be the twenty five million dollar donations to the San Francisco State University, by Chris Larsen, the well-known cofounder of Ripple [XRP] network. Eric van Miltenburg, Ripple [XRP] network’s head of global operations, commented on twitter, stating that he is proud of Ripple for earning acknowledgment in the Bay Area for their social impact initiatives. He added that there is a massive prospect to give back, despite the fact that it’s still early days.

Interestingly, philanthropy in the cryptocurrency and digital assets sector has been budding immensely. As previously reported by Koinpost, the most recent case in point is TRON [TRX] CEO Justin Sun’s donation by means of an auction bid to GLIDE Foundation, for a lunch with the Oracle of Ohama- Warren Buffett. Remarkably, Tron [TRX] network’s CEO, Justin Sun allegedly donated more than $7 million towards charity in the Financial Year 2018-2019. Furthermore, TRON [TRX] also collaborate with Binance [BNB] to donate over hundred thousand dollars towards Maltese Charity, in the month of December last year.

It is to be noted that the philanthropic arm of Binance Chain, Binance Charity Foundation partnered with over fourty six companies, previously this month, in order to collaboratively launch a stablecoin dubbed, Pink Care Token. The aforesaid token is aimed at supporting and encouraging feminine well-being in underdeveloped segments of the society on an international level. Furthermore, Binance Charity Foundation raised more than two hundred thousand dollars to support their “Child Welfare Programme,” earlier in the month of May this year.

Binance Chain [BNB], Ripple [XRP], and Tron [TRX] Price Analysis

By looking at the charity work of crypto institutions, it can be rightly said that working for the subjugated has been one of the outstanding achievements of the blockchain and crypto ecosystem, which makes such humanitarian endeavors mirror what crypto and decentralized ecosystem truly stands for. These crypto-based companies have revealed that the planet can be an improved place even with the support from the foremost monetary powers of the world.

At the time of reporting Ripple [XRP] is changing hands at $0.32 a pop with a market cap of $13.9 Billion, as per coinmarketcap. XRP is showing a decline of 0.67 percent on a 24-hour chart. Also, XRP is having a volume of $986.2 Million, at the time of reporting. Binance token [BNB] has climbed up the ranking list on coinmarketcap and is now positioned at 6th position, according to overall market cap. According to coinmarketcap, BNB is getting traded at $30.93 a pop with a market cap of $4.8 Billion. Binance Token [BNB] is up by 2.02% on the daily chart. Tron [TRX] is seated at 10th position at the time of reporting, as per CMC (coinmarketcap). At press time, Tron [TRX] is having a market cap of $1.93 Billion and is changing hands at a price of $0.02, as per CMC (coinmarketcap). Tron’s [TRX] 24-hour volume is around $604 Million and TRX is up by 0.19%, as per coinmarketcap.

Image by HeatherPaque from Pixabay

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