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Token Workshop Summer 2019

Every big financial institution is rushing to build infrastructure to play a role in tokenisation industry. Every big stock exchange is busy rolling out token friendly platforms. Every leading crypto exchange has already acquired some regulatory approvals to operate in the securities market. 

Security Tokens and Tokenised Assets will be a new industry being birthed in 2019 (thanks to the bitcoin and crypto revolution). Big financial institutions, traditional software providers, custodians, banks, big funds and successful crypto pioneers in a race to occupy key positions in this new phenomenon.

Workshop Details:

31 July 2019 10am to 5pm 

Taj Palace Hotel, Delhi 

Workshop Topics:

1. Typology of Tokens and Token Models

2. Ecosystem players involved in issuance of tokenised securities, costs, steps to compliance etc

3. New trends in Tokenomics

4. Various kinds of Security Tokens

5. New fund raising paradigms for companies across the world, the changing paradigm of capital markets, stock exchanges, and investment banking

6. An overview of Initial Exchange Offerings – Crypto Exchanges & Indicative Costs

7. Prominent STOs – A Case Study

8. How to launch your Token Offering successfully in 3 months


Tokenisation is the process of converting some form of asset into a token that can be moved, recorded, or stored on a blockchain system. To put it simply. tokenisation converts the value stored in some object – a physical or a digital object, like a painting, or an intangible object, like a carbon credit – into a token that can be manipulated along a blockchain system.

For any public or private company, it has been legal to issue non-paper/electronic/digital shares and other securities for decades. Now after the breakout of Distributed Ledger Technology, companies from across all industries can raise money from public by issuing digital securities like shares and bonds. Established companies can move their equity and loan records to a blockchain-based register and benefit from the latest developments in the capital markets infrastructure.

An issuance of securities in a digital form on distributed ledger allows private companies to utilize the benefits of public capital markets with even greater efficiency – enhanced liquidity of private securities, 24/7 market access, near real time settlement, automated dividends / interest payments, embedded compliance, cryptographically secure digital wallets, cost reduction, and easy follow on rounds.

2019 is a year of notable and applicable use cases and from 2020-21, digital securities issued on blockchain have all chances of becoming a new standard for the private capital market.

In the Global Series of Token Advisory Workshops, we bring to you the unique pioneering knowledge of the various kinds of security tokens, digital assets, the new ways of fund raising for ordinary companies in any industry to legally raise money.

Come give yourself an edge in the $500 trillion tokenisation industry that is about to revolutionise banking, traditional finance, venture capital, IPOs, fund investing, asset management etc.

The tokenisation workshop will provide you with the best market practice and insights for the legitimate issuance, distribution, private offering, management of securities in a digitally wrapped form (known as security tokens, smart programmable securities, or digital securities).

Token Advisory Workshops Brochure :
The link to workshop tickets :

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