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Blockchain News: The New York Times Using Hyperledger Fabric Permissioned Blockchain

Coming as a positive development for the crypto and blockchain community, The New York Times is using the Hyperledger Fabric permissioned blockchain in order to assure the provenance of digital files.

Interestingly, the newspaper will use blockchain technology to cope up with misleading information in the media, as per a new website for New York Times’ News Provenance Project. Notably, the aforementioned project’s alleged objective is to provide a platform that is extensively applicable to numerous publications of different sizes.

Blockchain Tech, Metadata Recording, and Photojournalism

Ostensibly, the blockchain tech will assist the NYT’s aforesaid project in recording metadata about audio and video recordings that are published by news organizations. The New Provenance Project is presently in its primary stage. In the primary stage, the project endeavors to build a photojournalism-focused POC that reveals how such a blockchain-based system could be made more scalable.

Notably, NYT’s project site mentions that their preliminary work involves looking into a blockchain-based system for sharing and recording metadata about media published by news organizations. It further mentioned that they are also carrying out user experience research to identify the categories of signals which might assist users in distinguishing genuine media.

The New York Times Blockchain Job Openings

The NYT further notes that blockchain offers mechanisms for sharing information between units in aspects they believe are necessary for setting up and upholding provenance of digital files. What’s more, the NYT’s project will make the results of its project publicly available, according to the project’s website.

Furthermore, the New York Times posted a job listing in which they are looking to hire a blockchain talent previously this year. Notably, the role was mentioned as “Lead, Blockchain Exploration.” The job posting further mentioned a forward-looking leader who will make possible to foresee and design a blockchain-based POC for news publishers.

Image Source: Twitter/The New York Times

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