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This NFL Season, Look Out For Blockchain News

This NFL Season, Look Out For Blockchain News The 2019 NFL season is about to start, which means chatter around the league is heating up. Right about now, we’re getting news from teams’ training camps, fans are starting up their fantasy leagues, and the league’s schedule is inching closer by the day. In the past, this build up would have had nothing to do with cryptocurrency. As is getting more common with major institutions however (and even other sports teams and leagues, actually), the NFL has developed some surprising ties to blockchain and cryptos, which could make the coming season all the more interesting.

Three distinct links come to mind in particular….

The NFLPA Investment

It was actually in the spring of 2018 that news broke of the NFL Players’ Association partnering with a blockchain startup. The news flew under the radar but actually represents a fascinating instance of fairly significant trust being placed in blockchain tech and applications. The NFLPA is a very prominent organization within the league, and in this case linked up with SportsCastr – a sort of fan-fueled, live analysis platform. The partnership resulted in active and former NFL players being able to use SportsCastr to commentate on sports and share opinions. And just months after the agreement was announced, it was revealed that SportsCastr was unveiling its own crypto token system, called FanChain.

Betting Potential

The 2019 season could also represent the first time see hints of a legal NFL betting industry in the United States. NFL odds are available online already, and many Americans have always found ways to wager on the league. This season, however, those odds will be available in a number of states that are allowing some form of legal gambling for the first time. Legal wagering is going to increase substantially, and will likely continue to do so in the years ahead – with many anticipating crypto involvement. Crypto- and blockchain-based sports betting already exists on some smaller platforms, and should it affect a major bookmaker catering to NFL fans, it will drive a significant amount of engagement.

Player Involvement

Finally, we’ve also seen a trend toward individual NFL players getting involved with cryptos and the blockchain in a variety of ways. Among these players are the likes of Russell Okung, who has publicly requested to receive his NFL salary in bitcoin form, and Richard Sherman, who once set up bitcoin purchases for his personal merchandise on his website, and who takes advantage of the aforementioned SportsCastr platform. These players are fairly public about their interest in the technology, and thus stand to generate attention for crypto industries while the spotlight is on the NFL in the coming months.

This may seem trivial to some who are closely tied to the crypto world. But tens of millions of fans are about to pay very close attention to the NFL season, and through these various ties and connections, they may just wind up learning a bit about cryptocurrency – or even being inspired to check it out themselves – along the way.

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