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NEO Blockchain Declares Partnership With Augmented Reality Company 

Coming as the latest development from the Chinese cryptocurrency ecosystem, NEO has entered into a partnership with video-based augmented reality company VIBE, according to a statement made in cooperation by Vibe and NEO through a blog post on Medium. Interestingly, Vibe generates video-based holographic images for AR/VR games. Notably, in a pool of upto $5,000, customers will be able to play the Vibe or Die online game using NEO tokens, starting from as early as September.

NEO, Gas, VIBENet, and Gaming

As per the blog, the 2 companies began working on this partnership in the year 2017, taking tremendous attempt before at last unveiling their alliance. Furthermore, the blog read that the partnership between NEO and VIBE will see both NEO & GAS integrated onto the VIBENet chain. The blog said that VIBENet is a layer two solution built for the next age of gaming. It added that VIBENet is able to smooth the development of immediate atomic micro-transactions with no gas fees, an essential constituent for the next period of blockchain based gaming.

NEO Blockchain and VR Game VIBE

Notably, the collaboration will see NEO getting integrated to the VR game VIBE or DIE. The aforementioned VR game is a 1st-person shooter game, which is analogous to Medal of Honour and IGI. Interestingly, the aforementioned game is built on the VIBENet Chain. Moreover, it consists of six gameplay maps.

It is to be noted that the future of cryptocurrency and digital assets depend on the mass adoption in internet intensive sectors. Consequently, for each crypto-based company, partnerships like these will be tremendously significant. This is because companies like Vibe will allow penetration in established markets.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

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