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Hedera Hashgraph Opens Mainnet For Public

Hedera Hashgraph the distributed network technology-based decentralized public network has opened the mainnet beta for the general public. The updates have come through the company’s blog post on Sep 16.

As per the information, now on Hedera Hashgraph platform general public can have an Open Access to create an account and the developers can also employ the platform to build decentralized apps (dapps) by utilizing 26 dapps with their solutions.

Live Dapps & Solutions on Hedera Mainnet

The post mentioned the names of various dapps which are now live on the Hedera platform. Few among them are: AdsDax – a decentralized marketplace and advertising platform, Certara- a global transaction platform for the health industry, Chainlink- a provider of reliable oracles Hedera-based applications, Adprov.Io- The Platform Taking Care Of The Prevailing Digital Ad Fraud And Discrepancy In The Adtech Industry, Adsdax, All Over Chain, Armada Chain, Binsignia, Carbon, Earthtile, Coinsquad, Evec, Hash-Hash, Hashing Systems, Hbarprice, Hex, Hmanager, Intellectual Property Vault, Lonestar Data Technologies, Myearth.Id, Myhbarwallet, Otrafy, Playhash, Power Transition, Rejolut, Tune.Fm, Zabo

Hedera Endeavours To Increase Speed Methodically

As per the information, Hedera Hashgraph- an enterprise-grade public distributed ledger platform is in the process of accelerating the speed methodically in 2019, to become the industry’s most decentralized network platform. At present, the company is offering three services namely; Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract, and  File Service. Currently, These three offerings are throttled to 10,000 transactions per second. The data reveals that Hedera Consensus Service would also be publicly available shortly this year-end.

The Co-Founder and Chief Scientist of Hedera Hashgraph, Dr. Leemon Baird, expressed his enthusiasm by welcoming the developers globally to build the dapps on the Hedera platform through Open Access which was earlier running under the closed beta.

Reportedly, with the onset of Hedera Open Access phase, Hedera’s less than 8% HBAR native token is going to be distributed before 2019 ends, and not more than 34% tokens probably would be circulated in the coming five years plan. The economics whitepaper of the company states that:

With the launch of the network, the native tokens would be distributed. “The release mechanisms is to ensure that no attacker would be able to disrupt the network. The strategy as per Hedera’s plan would ensure that the price of hbars is determined primarily through market forces, rather than by the Hedera Council.”

Hedera Governing Council

The decentralized governing council of the Hedera platform governs the right to change the software run by the Hedera distributed nodes to bring stability and constant decentralization functioning process to the Hedera Hashgraph public ledger.

Indian telecom Tata Communications, financial services firm FIS Global, aircraft giant Boeing, Japanese financial holding company Nomura Holdings, technology titan IBM, and comprising much other leading and diversified organizations who are the part of the Hedera’s governing council. The complete details are displayed on the official website.

The website reads:

“On Hedera’s council, each member runs its node via hashgraph — a patented algorithm claiming to provide basic benefits of blockchain such as decentralization and security, without major blockchain-associated drawbacks such as low scalability.

Recently, OKEx the cryptocurrency exchange has announced to list Hedera Hashgraph’s token HBAR on its platform.

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