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Achain 2.0 developer DApp incentive plan officially launched, with over 1 million ACT in available rewards!!

Disclaimer: This is a Press Release by Achain.

Achain 2.0 test network was officially launched on July 29 this year. After successfully passing a period of sustained and intensive testing, the test network is ready to be upgraded, and the main network is officially scheduled to launch on October 31. Achain has additionally finalized a DApp incentive plan in which successful DApps can earn up to 1 million in ACT rewards.

The upcoming Achain 2.0 V1.1 will offer many new features that are not available in the test version build Achain 2.0 V1.0.4. These added features include a project framework upgrade, realization of decoupled chains, contract development tools, and a DApp charging model improvement which streamlines DApp deployment, operation, and security.

With the support of the Achain technology community, the Achain testnet has undergone two months of transaction testing. Basic functions such as account creation have also been repeatedly tested.

The following data comes from the Achain 2.0 test network blockchain browser. At present, there are more than 300 accounts and more than 3,000 transactions. The transactions are active, and the daily trend is increasing per screenshot:

Transfer details screenshot:

Create an account details screenshot:

Through the testing period, the Achain 2.0 test network proved to be secure, stable, and ready for large-scale and high-concurrency DApps. As the underlying public chain, Achain understands the importance of the developer’s ecology. With the release of Achain 2.0, we will focus on building a new technology community and building a more powerful galaxy community.

In the Achain galaxy, each blockchain performs a specific task. Some chains focus on high TPS, others on privacy, and so on. These public chains will be interconnected through multi-chain and cross chain technologies. In such an ecosystem, DApp developers benefit from being able to draw on the resources and capabilities of different chains through cross-chain technology.

Achain has built a solid and reliable infrastructure for developers, and developers can cultivate expansive systems on the expansive galaxy of Achain.

The DApp incentive plan is ready and officially launches on October 10th. We invite technology enthusiasts and developers to build the ecosystem, and to apply for the rewards offered through the incentive plan. munity.

How to enter?

1. Visit and submit a DApp that is operational and does not infringe on the intellectual property rights of any other.

2. If you are interested in the contest, please send an email to to receive ACTX and account creation.


The Achain technical review team will review the submitted smart contracts and give an A, B, C, or D rating. The corresponding rewards for each level are as follows:

1. Class A: 1,000,000 ACT

2. Category B: 500,000 ACT

3. Category C: 100,000 ACT

4. Class D: 20,000 ACT

5. Class E: 10,000 ACT

6. Class F: 5,000 ACT

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If you have any questions, please send an email to or add WeChat Achain_ to consult. Achain also invites you to bring us more valuable opinions as we are committed to continuously improve and enrich the technical content. We look forward to your participation!

Image Source: Twitter/AchainOfficial

In-text Image Source: Medium/AchainOfficial

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