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Russia Blocked Cointelegraph

Russia has blocked Cointelegraph and its access to people throughout the country. The Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) has executed the block on a technical level, reported by Cointelegraph English news website on Oct 17th. 

The Russian Cointelegraph web-portal has blacklisted by the Russian Federal executive body on Oct 16, which is displayed on the

Johann Bihr, the head of Eastern Europe & Central Asia Desk from the Reporters Without Borders (Sans Frontières) talked about this block and pointed out the reason for the bar is due to Russia’s stringent online censorship rules that are becoming more powerful towards the internet filter.

The Reporters Without Borders is a Paris, France based an international non-profit, non-governmental organization that is involved in running political advocacy on issues relating to freedom of information and freedom of the press.

As per the information, Russia’s Cointelegraph was already visible under blocked sites since 2017. However, the final action has taken now without any proper information on why this point in time? 

The English news channel alluded that the information they have received from an anonymous developer of the Russian anti-censorship browser extension. The name of the developer has not made public due to security reasons. 

The developer revealed that Roskmonadzor put the URL under its blacklist file that later mailed to ISPs (internet service providers)

“To enable blocking, the XML file privately distributed among ISPs.” The developer cited.

Here are some of the scribbling of the codes: 

“content id= “1155915” include Time= “2019-10-16T9:06:14” entryType= “1” blockType= “domain” hash= “CA7D2596FA15276CA728F370CF6A1C7” ts= “2019-10-16T20:01:00+03:00”>The complete section of the file is visible on the Cointelegraph website.

Russian Cointelegraph Readers Check

Few of the Russian Cointelegraph readers commented that they can see the channel with some periodic outages while some of them have communicated their inaccessibility. Purportedly, not all the ISPs have altogether carried out the provided XML file.

According to the media channel, the Russian Federal executive body and any of its regulators have not given any clarifications on account of this abrupt stance to the Cointelegraph. However, at this moment the action is understood as a part of an aggressive internet censorship policy.

Bans by Roskomnadzor

As a part of its regulatory law  and ruling of the Neviyanskyi Municipal Court of Sverdlovsk Oblast, in 2015, Roskomnadzor blocked few more cryptocurrency-related websites. 

These are, wiki-encyclopedia dedicated to Bitcoin;, Bitcoin exchange;, online Russian BTC community;,,, online Russian BTC community.

Later in 2016, the United States employment-oriented service operator LinkedIn got blocked due to the storage of Russian personal data. The law says that organizations are bared to store the Russian citizen’s data outside the country. 

During April 2018, the regulatory body tried to block Telegram , a cloud-based encrypted messaging application. The ban announced just after the company when raised approx. $1.7 bln in its ICO presale  for the progression of its Blockchain platform.

However, the attempt of blocking 20 million IP addresses of Google and Amazon and access to the messenger has become unproductive. Russians still can operate the messaging app with the help of proxy and VPN services.

 According to Johann Bihr, the Russian authorities are actively working to enhance their online censorship system. Since they have majorly failed in blocking Telegram last year. The decisive moment has come due to the ‘Sovereign Internet’ law signed by President Putin on 1 May, which is indicating that Russia is moving closer to the Chinese model. This law will be implemented gradually from 1 November onwards. 

Reportedly, Roskomnadzor is actively involved in installing and testing the new tools as per commandments for many months. 

Earlier reported by KoinPost, Russia is moving towards the acceptance of cryptocurrency trading. In this initiative, the Russian Finance Ministry (MinFin) is giving considerable thought on making the draft over the sale and purchase of cryptocurrency and related federal legislation in the Russian Federation. The objective is to boost the Russian economy and to accelerate the processes in providing various financial resources based on digital technologies.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

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