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Opera Browser Introduces Support For Direct Bitcoin Payments

The Freeware Opera web browser has started to support Bitcoin (BTC) payments directly after testing on Ether in Feb. The company announced through its latest blog post on Oct 22. 

As per the information, the Opera browser has also changed its old look for Android 54, while supporting bitcoin payments and added TRON integration to its web. Also, to make an easy sign-up or sign-in website procedure opera has added new support for the rising Web Authentication standard (WebAuthn). 

With these new developments, now users can send and receive Bitcoin directly inside the browser and take benefits with its e-commerce functionality i.e., Opera is allowing users to purchase goods and services through cryptocurrency on crypto accepting e-commerce websites.

Opera’s Advanced Crypto Wallet

Reportedly, Opera is enabling android users to keep a track of their cryptocurrencies through its internal wallet. Meaning, people can add bitcoin and TRON cards into its in-built wallet to make payments directly and work together with decentralized apps (dapps) on the TRON blockchain

The website claims that the footfall of 300 million users is getting an ideal opportunity to use this facility and jump into the new Web 3 (the term suggesting to a new evolution of the web) sphere which nobody at this point has introduced. 

Charles Hamel, head of the crypto at Opera, expresses that the Opera browser is trying to make its platform more relevant to users by giving support to more blockchains. People instead of keeping their cryptocurrencies or bitcoin in the wallets or accounts now can utilize them to do important things. 

Hamel further mentioned to one of the crypto media outlets:

“For a future adoption of web3, the apps are now synchronized and optimized. However, adding bitcoin was a challenge due to the differences in its use-cases. Bitcoin is a completely different beast, that requires its infrastructure and has a payment-focused usage scenario. Opera has brought a simple yet fast platform, with its new optimized features, to make it more familiar to a larger group of people and for cryptocurrency adoption.”

Seemingly, apart from Opera, many other browsers are also supporting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Chrome and Chromium, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Brave, Edge, Samsung Internet, UC browser. However, Opera purportedly is the first one to integrate digital wallet successfully, in a bid to win the race by deploying emerging technologies more mainstream.

Image by ar130405 from Pixabay

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