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Coming Up: Bakkt’s 1st Bitcoin Options on Futures

Bakkt, the Bitcoin Futures Trading, and Digital Assets custody platform have announced the launching date of its forthcoming and regulated options contract for bitcoin (BTC) futures. Kelly Loeffler, Bakkt’s Chief Executive Officer published through the medium blog on Oct 24.

 As per the information, the first regulated options contract for bitcoin (BTC) futures introducing on Dec. 9, just before the 2019 year-end. 

Kelly explains that the new options product is designed to hedge or gain bitcoin exposure that is based on customer feedback.

She added, “ICE Futures U.S. has self-certified the contract with the CFTC and we’re excited to leverage the benchmark futures prices and institutional-grade custody to meet the needs for a regulated options contract.”

To entice institutional investors, their customers, and investors, the blog has mentioned some of the catchy features of the Bakkt Bitcoin Options contract in advance, sticking to its tagline- “Bringing transparency and trust to digital assets.”

Reportedly, the highlights are: low fees with capital efficiency to generate fast income, availability of European style option to avoid early exercise and reduces operational burdens, block trades, options analytics, broad distribution and liquidity (global access),

cash or physical settlement, and last but not least instant messaging element to collaborating with other market participants. 

Before the launch, the team is busy with some more collaborations and with upcoming market participants to build liquidity to create trust. The blog also indicated yesterday’s highlight of the platform, wherein a record of 590 contracts of Bakkt Bitcoin Monthly Futures took place.

The story will be updated…

Image by Liam Ortiz from Pixabay


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