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Ethereum 2.0 Berlin Hard Fork Tentative in June 2020, Istanbul Hard Fork Scheduled for Dec’19

Lately, the team behind Ethereum has been broadcasting tentative dates for its much awaited hard forks. Among these hard forks, the newest information being divulged about the Instanbul hard fork, which has been planned in the month of December, this year. Interestingly, adding to the list, some more Ethereum developments have come out regarding Ethereum Hard Fork and Ethereum 2.0. This time, yet another update regarding the Berlin hard fork has been shared by the Product Manager at PegaSys Protocol Engineering, Tim Beiko.

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Regarding the Ethereum Hard Fork, Beiko tweeted that,

“Given that there is the Ice Age kicking in in July, if we want to adopt the new model *and* fork on a 3rd Wednesday, then we probably should be upgrading on mainnet in late June at the latest.”

The Product Manager at Pegasys also suggested that the speediest his team might possibly deploy a single/few EIP upgrade to mainnet is around the month of March next year. He further notified that they agreed to keep the aforementioned two months as upper/lower bounds on the upgrade. Nonetheless, they don’t want to commit to a definite date now, he added.

Image by WorldSpectrum from Pixabay

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