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Tron (TRX) Finally Listed on Poloniex

Tron (TRX), one of the most hyped and the 11th largest cryptocurrency as per CoinMarketCap, has announced the listing of its token (TRX) on Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange. Tron CEO Justin Sun has officially confirmed the updates through a tweet on Nov 12.

The news has come soon after Poloniex’s announcement which indicated its forthcoming listing of Tron (TRX) on its platform via a medium blog on Nov 9th. 

The blog also mentioned the launch of the Tron hurricane campaign. In the campaign, depositor of TRX on Poloniex has the right to avail 20% – 60% APR rewards and can participate in a net deposit competition. The campaign started on Nov 11 at 22:00 UTC and would be continued till Nov 17th, which is divided into three segments. Read here-

On Nov 12, Poloniex team has declared about the live trading of Tron’s (TRX) deposits and withdrawals. However, customers can post limit orders for TRX/BTC, TRX/USDT and TRX/USDC pairs (“Post-only” mode) so far. The support of the full trading of TRX would be available soon as per the records.

 Tron (TRX) is Ready to Fly

The recent give away of 50 mln TRX is indicating its price rise by a Twitter post of an active crypto trader and investor named Crypto Rand. However, the upcoming skyrocketing price factor would not be only due to its partnership with Poloniex and give away schemes, it is allegedly due to Tron’s previous partnership with a $100bln megacorporation “Samsung.”

KoinPost previously reported that the world’s renowned mobile giant and a South Korean technology conglomerate has integrated Tron APIs into its decentralized app store to support Tron-based dApps and blockchain Keystore.

Justin Sun’s Investments In Poloniex

Earlier, in Oct Poloniex announced about its spinning out from the Boston, Massachusetts, United States-based Circle cryptocurrency exchange to form a new organization, Polo Digital Asset Ltd., which would be backed by some unstated Asian investment group. 

For the readers, Poloniex was acquired by Circle in Feb 2018 for $400 million. 

Further, Poloniex mentioned that the latest move is taken to focus on the global front and to service the international traders and investors, with new and vital features including more assets. Poloniex is expected to spend $100mln to expand the brand with a highly competitive pricing strategy. 

Also, after the separation from Circle, Poloniex wouldn’t be available for U.S. customers, and Circle allegedly shut down its services for Poloniex users. Although U.S. customers of Poloniex can withdraw their assets from Circle till December 15, 2019, the blog says.

If we go by the updates, Justin Sun stated that he had invested in the firm (Polo Digital Asset Ltd) that has acquired Poloniex, which he denied earlier. Sun communicated about his participation in Poloniex during a joint Tron-Poloniex event live-streamed over Twitter on Nov 13. 

In the forthcoming months, Justin Sun and Tron Foundation are looking forward to listing TRX on McAfeeDex. McAfeeDex is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange launched by a prominent personality and a founder of McAfee Associates– antivirus software, John David McAfee.

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