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CPUcoin: Exclusive Interview with Sean Barger

CPUcoin is on the mission of developing a first-of-its-kind Compute Generation Network (CGN). This project can be considered as a unique, flexible, and scalable Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering for a new sharing economy of miners. KoinPost has tried to explore the project and presenting a few important aspects which the blockchain and cryptocurrency community must know to keep themselves updated.

1) What is CPUcoin? How is it solving big issues and helping the economy to grow?

Sean Barger, Managing Director at CPUcoin: CPUcoin is a decentralized Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution to create a new sharing economy for unutilized CPU/GPU power. Our solution represents the first true enterprise-grade global sharing economy solution for unused CPU/GPU power. We’re also developing the Compute Generation Network (CGN), a technology that enables anyone to install our miner client and collect funds for their unused compute time. Think of us as the “Airbnb” for CPU/GPU compute power and a platform for automatically deploying and scaling Decentralized Services and DApps that are enterprise-class.

2) Where this company is established? What are the challenges CPUcoin is facing in terms of following the regulations, and meeting SEC Compliances?

Barger: CPUcoin is incorporated in the Cayman Islands. CPUcoin’s CGN ecosystem is powered exclusively by a utility token called CPU coin (Token symbol on CPU). Since this is a utility and not a security, we’re very confident in our legal compliance. As the native currency of the CGN, CPU is being used as a digital asset to pay for the consumption of services, as well as for making payouts to providers of idle computer time. 

3) Any funding to date? How well was the IEO?

Barger: We hosted an IEO on ProBit exchange in September this year. We’re still active in the token sales process, and presenting CPUcoin at blockchain and crypto events. 

4) Who all are your competitors and how are you different from them?

Barger: AWS is a clear leader in the cloud services sector along with Google, Microsoft and a host of other companies. CPUcoin is a really good option for entrepreneurs and organizations that are looking for high volume compute because the CGN effectively eliminates the hassle and high expenses associated with provisioning, managing and scaling applications on a global scale while providing end-users with up to 5X more computational throughput than traditional cloud providers like AWS Lambda. Please see our extensive competitive analysis for computing blockchain projects on our website.

5) What is the future of Bitcoin? Where it can go from here?

Barger: Bitcoin ushered in an era that’s made us rethink traditional money, payments, investing, and much more. It also paved the way for thousands of businesses to use blockchain technology and issue their tokens. With CPUcoin, we’re taking some of the lessons learned from Bitcoin (e.g. its high energy consumption) and working to create an ecosystem where computing power can be shared and scalability on the cloud can reach its full potential. 

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

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