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YouTube Penalizes Multiple Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Niche Channels

Recently, YouTube carried out another crack down on cryptocurrency niche channels, punishing a few popular crypto content creators. These include Chico Crypto, Ivan on Tech, Crypto Wendy O, etc. The video streaming platform appears to be pointing lurid videos which prompt its algorithm.

As per a tweet from IvanOnTech, one of the most renowned YouTubers in the cryptocurrency domain, his channel was among the first to take a strike subsequent to beginning a live stream.

It is to be noted that YouTube started cracking down on cryptocurrency and virtual asset focused content in the month of December last year. Majority of these same Youtube crypto channels were fined during this last round of restriction. Subsequent to that, YouTube acknowledged that the prohibitions were a slip-up after public uproar from the crypto community.

Crypto channel owners have complained that YouTube’s strikes on their content are every so often arbitrary and a consequence of a badly implemented content censoring algorithm. However, the crypto community had trouble commiserating with IvanOnTech.

Several folks noted that the YouTuber has been profoundly promoting ByBit, a leverage trading platform. Furthermore, some emphasized that his Youtube channel might have even been reported by other users for profoundly promoting ByBit and sharing his affiliate links.

Some even disapproved him for the startling titles on his videos, saying following that tactic was eventually immoral for the whole crypto industry.

What do you think about the latest Youtube strikes on the crypto channels amidst global uncertainity in stock markets? Do you think youtubers are a very important part of the entire crypto ecosystem and they should responsibly promote any company which is sponsoring them?

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