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Blockchain Domain Name Provider Integrates With Opera Browser, Offers Direct Access To Decentralized Websites

Unstoppable Domains, a software company building​ domain names on blockchains, today announced a partnership with Opera, a top five browser by market share. Opera’s integration of Unstoppable Domains’ .crypto domain will give over 80 million users direct access to decentralized websites.

Users will be able to view blockchain-based websites by typing .crypto domains into Opera Browser just like they would a .com domain. Notably, the .crypto domain extension can be used both for cryptocurrency payments and decentralized websites. 

Opera’s integration is the first time a major browser has supported a domain system that is not part of traditional DNS. This news signals a shift away from the current centralized systems and toward decentralized systems. 

Unlike traditional domains, blockchain domains are stored by the owner instead of by registrar companies like Godaddy. Decentralized websites are stored on p2p networks like IPFS, not cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Unstoppable Domains co-founder, Brad Kam, commented,

“we believe that tools like Ethereum and IPFS will create a better internet than what exists with DNS and ICANN. It’s just beginning, but this system could replace the old internet entirely. Our partnership with Opera means that users can now view a .crypto website just as easily as a .com website.”

Opera’s integration with Unstoppable Domains is now live in Opera’s Android mobile app. 

Additional integrations with Unstoppable Domains’ .crypto include:

  • myetherwallet.crypto (wallet)
  • coinomi.crypto (wallet)
  • kyber.crypto (dex)
  • pomp.crypto (podcast)

It is to be noted that Unstoppable Domains has registered more than two hundred thousand blockchain domain names, to date.

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