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China’s SF Express to Deploy Blockchain Amid COVID-19

China’s Covid-19 outbreak has captured the world in its arms. So far, thousands of innocent people have suffered due to the pandemic. Governments all over the world are trying their best to aid the public by providing possible medical services and implementing stimulus packages. However, the situation doesn’t seem to be in control.

To overcome the situation, China has stepped up to the plate by deploying blockchain technology in its tracking systems, to deliver medical supplies appropriately and to prevent the spread of novel COVID-19 epidemic.

Reportedly, Shenzhen-based, SF Express, the 2nd largest Chinese courier company, which deals in domestic and international express delivery has started to explore the opportunities which blockchain can offer. So that tracking, verification, and recording of each transaction in the logistics process, and identification of the priority level of each order can be maintained. 

China Taking the lead in Operating Blockchain Technology. Is COVID-19 an Opportunity for China?

On March 30, The Global Times mentioned in its report while citing the response of SF express that blockchain technology is proving of use, when it comes to tracking the origin and verifying the quality and availability of the medical goods, at this critical period.

As per the displayed information, the complete details on the process and know-how of the blockchain technology has not yet revealed by SF Express. Except for the information on new tech implementation, which the nation has already begun, particularly in the food and medical transportation segment where high standards and reliability are of utmost importance.

Further, it has mentioned that apart from blockchain technology, emerging technologies like data tracking and artificial intelligence (AI) are also playing an important role, when it comes to checking the provenance, maintaince of data accuracy, and supply of goods and services,
during the time of crisis.

Besides blockchain, SF Express is also using big data and AI to build the traceable logistics network. Reportedly, the courier company is finding these technologies are beneficial to ensure the delivery of emergency
supplies, and facilitating the frontline medical workers to control the disease by stopping the fake and unqualified products from entering in the market.

Big Giant to Aid in Covid-19 Pandemic

The report has also pointed out the role and contribution of China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba Group. The company is deploying the diagnostic system backed by AI, to improve the diagnostic accuracy on the
frontline to control the pandemic.

Chinese technology company Huawei is no behind and has already started to provide its AI CT scanning system to the countries amongst them is the Philippines. Huawei is partnering with Philippine hospitals to offer its cloud service for analysis.  

No doubt, China, the accountable nation behind COVID-19 disease, is taking the lead in testing blockchain tech and tactfully treating this pandemic as an opportunity to prove its dominance. 

Image by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pixabay 

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