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Dentsu to Promote Content Creators Using Blockchain

Japanese Advertising Giant Dentsu is making a stage for content creators to facilitate their work by partnering with Kadokawa Ascii- the research arm of a Japanese media conglomerate.

For digital marketing, businesses/media content curation secures vital importance. 

However, copyright content always struggles to monetize it further. Here, Dentsu is aiming to offer a solution to the content creators despite the copyrighted material by deploying blockchain technology. 

On April 20th, the Japanese media outlet Nikkei has mentioned in the report about the partnership between Dentsu, Kadokawa Ascii research laboratories, and other members to implement blockchain technology for content creators.

Reportedly, the new initiative can help the secondary content creators to get the recognition of their work on the popular streaming apps in Japan, as a market force.

This mutual partnership is intending to establish the Proof-of-concept (POC) notion to reward the independent content creators and to level up their work recognition, which so far has not much admired in the digital media/ marketing businesses market.

The POC would target those commenting on the ten popular Japanese comics manga with live stream apps. 

Content Creators Faces Copyright Issues 

YouTube, a subsidiary of Google Inc., has become the go-to destination for video consumption and the next generation of celebrities on the internet. Billions of people help the video streaming channel to create billions of views per day.

However, content creators face lodes of issues while publishing content on YouTube and various popular video and audio streaming apps to monetize their work. At times, deal with matters of content removal after generating billions of daily views and hundreds of millions of hours in watch time over a single day- due to less original work and violated content.

Reportedly, content makers in a race to upload videos tend to violet some copyright laws in Japan, too- such as manga commentary videos.

“We want to integrate fans’ work that had previously not valued as a legitimate market.” Jyunichi Suzuki, a Dentsu representative, noted.

Here, Dentsu and Kadokawa by leveraging blockchain technology, making it a trouble-free task to get the authority for the content creators who possibly use the copyrighted information.

The partnership is designing a platform with caveats on the range of allowed content- for the secondary and the tertiary content creators who use live-stream apps like YouTube to comment on manga commentary or translate the explanation in foreign languages.

Image by ARUN S from Pixabay 

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