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bitFlyer Enters into Blockchain consulting service

  • bitFlyer has stepped up to provide blockchain consulting services to the businesses devoid of expertise in understanding blockchain technology and helping them to build a blockchain algorithm from scratch.

bitFlyer- one of the well-known Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges has started a new consulting service platform for future businesses focusing on Blockchain technology.

According to the press release published via the Japanese PR portal PR TIMES on April 27, bitFlyer’s blockchain arm wants to support the new businesses from the outset by providing the entire process from business creation to profit-making, without limiting the industry line.

Reportedly, in addition to the earlier involvement in BaaS (blockchain as a service), the Joint business, Miyabi Core, and Regtech Service- Consulting service platform is the fifth segment of bitFlyer. 

With the changing time demand, various industries like finance, manufacturing, distribution, technology, real estate, and public services- are facing a need for business innovation, and blockchain technology is the solution to meet the transferring demands.

Here, bitFlyer’s blockchain consulting arm from Japan is aspiring to provide the solution to all the businesses when it comes to strategy, planning, design, and development of a new product focusing blockchain technology with the help of its experienced consultant and engineering team.

Innovation Led bitFlyer to Offer Consulting Segment

The establishment while stating the background and purpose behind this new initiative has mentioned that many projects have approached, inquired, and requested bitFlyer to cooperate with them and provide guidance on the matters of-

New financial services, Security Token Offerings (STO), building productivity-based innovative and transparent supply chains, and how to make use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) for managing the intellectual property rights (IPs) of video game content, music, and animation copyrights.

On June 22, 2018, Japan’s Financial Services Agency had halted bitFlyer business operations and issued the business improvement order. However, bitFlyer has resumed it’s services in full swing and started accepting new customers after confirming all the requirements from the task force authorities.

Moreover, to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies- bitFlyer is inviting more customers on its platform and motivating them to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with U.S. dollars with no fees.

Founded in 2014, bitFlyer has become one of the largest Bitcoin brokers world-wide, having its headquarter in Tokyo and subsidiaries in Europe and the United States. To provide a one-stop-solution to all the problems concerning developing new systems, their implementation, management, scaling, are among others- the consulting platform can justify the role of a catalyst in business transformations.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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