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New Covid-19 App Powered by Blockchain & Supported by Tim Berners-Lee

Covid-19- the infectious disease which has caused by the newly discovered Coronavirus has put the world population in danger. The worldwide governments have announced the lockdown in their native countries- to save their citizens from the pandemic-the expression which the World Health Organization has given to it.

The Covid-19 outbreak has created an urgency to bring effective medicines and solutions which can contribute to resolving this global pandemic.

There are universities, healthcare professionals, researchers, and governments worldwide are coming together and harnessing their aptitude to find the solution to overcome the coronavirus outbreak.

A recent update from UK’s communication channel shows that UK’s Open University (OU) Knowledge Media Institute’s team of professionals and researchers have developed the world’s first blockchain-based mobile app- which can provide a proof-of-immunity. A solution to fight back or to subside the spreading effects of Covid-19.

Meaning, this consortium blockchain-based proof-of-immunity prototype app can certify Covid19 immunity test results and vaccination certificates with the help of “solid pod”- invented by world wide web inventor Tim Berners-Lee.

Solid Pod is a decentralized project or system or just like a personal website which provides authority to the individual users to have full control of over usage of their data. Thus people can store and manage personal data or things without anyone’s interference. Expect, the data would interoperate with all your apps, which means you have your private API to go along with it. It implies that the users would have full control of their privacy, storage, and demonstration of their personal and healthcare data. 

World’s First Covid-19 App Powered by Blockchain 

The app claims to provide a way through which the frontline staff, healthcare professionals, and the citizens can have the reliable immunity certificates that would reportedly store on a distributed, tamperproof, immutable, secure blockchain-based archive. 

As per the information, people can use this app “to verify their fitness to work in certain environments and to travel.”

The app works with Proof & Hash Function

For the public/user:

Reportedly, blockchain technology being the heart of the project- proof of identity would require from the user before antigen testing and later it would store as a decentralized identity after hashing. Once the test comes out as clean, and the user gets the conformation as immune- “the GP or pharmacist would issue the immunity certificate to the solid pod on the phone.”

For the Verifier:

The verifier can quickly check the record of the person’s immunity and the issued certificate with their personal phone by “sending a hashed version to the blockchain to match it against the identity.”

Interestingly, later on, people can deploy this app as a “decentralized public key registry for signing all transactions.”

Image by Susanne Jutzeler, suju-foto from Pixabay 

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