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New Bitcoin Hack Via Darknet- 129 million Russian Car Owners are Victimized

129 million Russian Car Owners identity is at stake

Bitcoin Hack has become a serious issue like any other crime. As much as Bitcoin’s growing adoption is capturing millions of eyes for the new digital money, steadily, the criminal cases are also outstripping in the crypto market. 

Recently, a new BTC hack has come into the light where hackers have sold 129 million Russian car drivers data on the darknet for merely 0.3 BTC (approx. $2,900), as of press time.

Reportedly, these 129 million Russian car owners have exposed through anonymous cyber criminals on the darknet in return of the major cryptocurrency by market capitalization– BTC

Since the Bitcoin reward halving took place the investors/traders and even the hackers are becoming more curious to acquire the largest market portion of BTC and considering it as a store of value.

Reportedly, the car owners have suffered identity theft and compromised their full names, passport numbers, and addresses, in this recent thievery. 

On May 15, the Russian news agency RBC reported about the theft and mentioned that an employee of the local car-sharing company has confirmed the legitimacy of the lost data. 

While citing the new, RBC named the local publication Vedomosti which has brought this news. 

As per the report, the information got hacked from the traffic police registry of Russia. Moreover, the hackers have offered 1.5 BTC (approx..$14,400) to those who are keen on using this information for “exclusive” purposes. 

Reportedly, the published information on the darknet is anonymized and which includes: “place and date of registration of the car, make, and model.”

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