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Blockchain Voting Can be a Game-changer for Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s providence now depends on the blockchain-based e-voting system which is taking place for constitutional amendments of the Russian Federation.

On June 5, the official site of the mayor of Moscow has announced the entry for the participation of Moscow citizens who can now start submitting their application and proceed with the signup activity in the e-voting process, powered by blockchain technology.

Reportedly, the entry is open on the portal of and,  wherein people above 18+ years of age and having permanent registration in Moscow can take part until 14:00 on June 21.

As per the displayed information, Muscovites can start electronic voting from 10:00 AM June 25 until 20:00 on June 30.

Blockchain Electronic Voting Ensures Transparency

In the upcoming constitutional amendments, the blockchain-based e-voting system is playing a crucial role while maintaining the transparency and security of the data. 

The information states that the e-voting system is impossible to hack and is based on decentralized technology. 

“The network does not have a single server: to change the information regarding bulletins, it is necessary to obtain the approval of most network participants, so the blockchain chain is almost impossible to crack.”

“The voice itself is anonymized and encrypted. There are two encryption keys: one is located at the user, and the second is divided into several parts and is stored by different participants” until the voting process ends.

However, there is no clarity on which organization is assisting the e-voting process and there is no mention of the type of blockchain technology is being deployed. 

Vladimir Putin’s Fate is Dependent on the Upcoming Voting

The upcoming voting in Russia looks fascinating due to two reasons- firstly, it is going to ensure the remarkable use-case of Blockchain-powered e-voting system in Moscow which can be a stepping stone for other countries to hands-on, secondly, the fate of President Putin is subject to the Muscovites decisions on the support of new constitutional amendments proposal which was released on Jan 15, 2020

As per the proposed constitutional amendments, if it passes, President Putin will serve two continuous six years terms- until 2036. However, if the Russian citizens do not vote in its favor, Putin will have to leave the Presidential job in 2024 and there will not be any extension in the term.

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