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(पूल) Pool Meaning In Hindi



Hindi: पूल

POOL का अर्थ :

Noun (संज्ञा)

  • तालाब
  • क्रिप्टोकरेंसी माइनिंग पूल
  • सामुहिक लाभ कोष
  • स्वीमिंग पूल (पानी से भरा हुआ गड्ढा)
  • पोखरा
  • पोखरिया
  • तलैया
  • वस्तुओं का समुच्चय
  • छोटा तालाब
  • कुंड

Other Meanings of Pool (पूल) in Hindi


  • भंवर
  • सामुहिक जुए का एक खेल
  • हिस्सा बँटना
  • डबरा
  • सट्टेबाज़ी 
  • बावड़ी 
  • वापिका
  • सरसिका
  • व्यवसायिक संघ
  • पुष्कर
  • एक बड़ी टेबल् पर गेंद से खेला जाने वाला खेल
  • हौज़
  • गड़ही 
  • व्यक्तियों का समुच्चय
  • साझा करना
  • तैरने का तालाब
  • कुण्ड


  • एकत्रीकरण  
  • सुरंग खोदना
  • हिस्सा बँटना
  • साझा करना 

The plural forms, comparative forms and superlative forms

  • pools (verb present tense, noun plural)
  • pooled (verb past tense)
  • pooling (verb present participle)

Meaning and Definitions of Pool in English


  • A compact lake
  • Game played for fun on a pool table
  • A big wide hole filled with water
  • A group of firms
  • A fund or pool of money for some common use of the group. 
  • A trivial body of standing liquid. Example- The yellow flower lay in a pool of milk
  • Combination of funds
  • Cryptocurrency mining pool: the process of pooling resources by crypto miners. The miners share their processing power over a decentralized network and divide the prize proportionately, depending to the amount of effort they donated to the prospect of creating a block. Example – Slush Mining Pool, Binance Mining Pool


  • To form a pool (group) of individuals
  • Put money in a shared fund

Pool – Example Sentences

  • The village bans asylum seekers from a public swimming Pool because of the pandemic.
  • The largest swimming Pool around the world will be built in Malta.
  • The popular sportsperson recently mentioned that it was her first Pool session.
  • The tourists saw a large crocodile in the swimming Pool.
  • The trader sued the financial institution over matters apropos its dark Pool last year.
  • A twenty-foot long fish was pulled from a Pool in Malta.
  • Binance becomes one of the largest Bitcoin Mining Pools in the world.
  • A red colored sunflower was seen at the edge of the pool. 
  • The mysterious pool has now become one of biggest crypto mining pools
  • The mob was returning from a pool. 
  • A large pool of experienced mathematicians.

Synonyms of pool

Cryptocurrency Mining Facility, Billiards Indoor Game, Kitty, Bitcoin Mining Factory, Pool, Syndicate, Digital Asset Mint, Pond, Stockpiling, Groupage

Related Words:

  • पूला मतलब – घास-फूस का गट्ठर
  • पूलिका – छोटा पुआ
  • Pooling- संयोजन, एकत्रीकरण, संग्रहीकरण
  • Poolside- तालाब का किनारा

पूलमतलब (Meaning in Hindi) हिंदी में

We have mentioned above the meaning of पूल in hindi. Above is hindi meaning of पूल.

Hamare is blog me aapko पूल ka matlab hindi bhasha mai (पूल मतलब हिंदी में) samjhane ki koshish ki gayi hai.

What is Hindi definition or meaning of पूल? (Pool ka hindi me kya matlab hai?)

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