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Afghanistan Health Ministry Mulling Over Blockchain Adoption To Battle Phony Drugs

The healthcare ministry of Afghanistan is planning to use Fantom’s blockchain to battle fake medications. As per Fantom, its Opera blockchain will be used to track eighty thousand units of diverse medicinal products in Afghanistan. Subsequent to the trial, the blockchain based arrangement will be scaled up to cover more products later this year.

During the trial, around fifty thousand units of hand sanitizer, ten thousand Dioacare foot creams, ten thousand joint creams, ten thousand Kofol tablets and will be traced. The system is preordained to address Afghanistan’s prevailing issue of phony medications.

Fantom specified that local law executives detained around hundred tons of subnormal medicine in 2017. By tracing the products on-chain, the firm anticipates to generate an undisputable audit trail that guarantees the items are not meddled as they move along the entire supply chain.

Furthermore, the tracked products will have a shipping label that is scanned at each phase of the dispersal procedure. Whenever the shipping label is scanned, a hash of the product name, its expiration date, batch number, and other particulars will be timestamped and protected on the blockchain.

What do you think about increasing usage of blockchain in several industries including supply chain? Let us know in the comments below!

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