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TRON (TRX) News: Justin Sun Announces New Single Letter Domain Name For The Tron Network

Subsequent to declaring the alteration of the domain name to a single-letter,, Tron network’s CEO, Justin Sun has also commented on the much anticipated bull run in the crypto bourses.

Recently, the TRON Foundation broadcasted a modification to its domain name. As per a statement released by the establishment, the platform will transfer to a one-letter top-tier domain name. Even though there are no vagaries to the existing content that can be watched by the users, the allegedly decentralized foundation specified that the single letter prefixes are the utmost notable domain names.

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Tron Coin News and Tron 4.0

As per the statement, the modest domain name not only encompasses collectible value but may also aids in bringing more quality investments. Its prime implication lies in structuring the company’s brand value.

The CEO celebrated the change on Twitter and specified that a bull run is approaching. Sun received a mixed response from the crypto twitter. While some users praised the modification in the domain name, others articulated their disparagement on Sun’s proclamation policy.

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