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Zcash Introduces Private Mining, Undergoes Planned Hard Fork ‘Heartwood’

ZCash, the popular privacy-oriented cryptocurrency has successfully undergone a hard fork in the premeditated network update dubbed Heartwood. Apart from other features, the privacy coin miners can now directly receive Coinbase transactions to a private crypto address.

As per the for-profit development house behind the privacy crypto network, the Electric Coin Company, the hard fork took place on 16th July and was reinforced by both Zcash Foundation and the Electric Coin Company.

Zcash and Two Updates- Mining and Transactions

Notably, the latest update includes 2 Zcash Improvement Proposals. As per a recent blog published by ECC, the first update dubbed, “Shielded Coinbase” fetches long wanted privacy solutions for Zcash mining. The 2nd update dubbed “Flyclient” adds support for trivial clients that verify transactions.

Josh Cincinnati, the Executive Director of Zcash Foundation mentioned,

“The Zcash Foundation is excited to support the Heartwood Zcash upgrade alongside the ECC, and thrilled that users will soon be able to connect to the Zcash network using Zebra, an alternate, consensus-compatible Zcash implementation built by the Foundation.”

It is to be noted that Heartwood is ZCash’s 4th ever hard fork since the cryptocurrency network launched in late 2016.

What do you think about the private mining feature introduced by ZCash? Let us know in the comments below!

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