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Crypto Virtual Event by inblox: The Essence of Crypto

This month’s inblox series of e-events is packed with awesome education that a naïve as well as an informed must check it out to recognize the cryptocurrency industry in-depth.

inblox Crypto eWeekend series:

Save the date and enhance your knowledge without losing anything.

Friday, August 7th, 5:30 pm IST at

Brief on the Essence of Crypto 

Over the past couple of years, the crisis of the global banking system, changing exchange rates, and many other difficulties faced by businesses have led to the surge of interest in cryptocurrencies. While the changes in India may have led to a newfound interest in a newer set of people – which is rising daily – there still lies a big gap in proper awareness about cryptocurrencies among the general masses. The world remains divided – between the traditional one and a crypto-based society & economy. 

This is primarily due to the high tech nature of blockchain, too much information flow, improper advocacy, fearmongering by authorities, and low outreach by the mass media to build confidence. Despite all this, the global economy is inevitably moving towards a digital ecosystem. The attention to cryptos is not unfounded, but these small gaps mentioned need to be filled to create an atmosphere of easy acceptance and adoption.

Crypto eWeekend Virtual Meetups by inblox

At inblox Events, the organizers are regularly trying to arrange crypto meetups and showcasing projects to spread cognizance on the core concepts of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Learning and Networking is one major tool to succeed in business and that’s what the platform is providing through a series of various conceptualized events. 

While the Indian crypto industry is doing its bit by increasing its education footprint as much as possible, the penetration of cryptocurrencies is yet to reach a tipping point. It is this tipping point that inblox looking forward to addressing through a separate virtual meetup dedicated to the science and business of cryptocurrencies. 

Areas of Focus for this crypto e-meetup 

The attendees will get a basic understanding of the cryptocurrencies markets, cryptonomics, basic trading, trading environments, tools, base pairs, the need for such a system, among other things. Also, the focus of area would be on a few other topic catering crypto business: – 

– Address the gap between the rising popularity of cryptos and lack of education 

– The legal, social, and economic essence of cryptos. 

– Build a narrative which removes the criticism faced by cryptocurrencies 

– The difficulties to get inside the ecosystem i.e. the entry and exit barriers 

– The pros and cons of trading – Economics, and Interpretations of cryptocurrencies 

– Base pairs, tools, etc e.g. choosing a tool

About the Speakers

Expertise in consumer social and fintech. With 15yrs of entrepreneurial experience mostly into product development and growth. 

With over 14 years of experience in corporate sales, Kashif Raja has worked in various industries from online advertising, FMCG, and media. Twice Raja has been honored by the Indian Airforce for conducting a cybercrime awareness workshop in which more than 2000+ Airforce officials were trained. While studying cybersecurity space, Raja came across Bitcoin and started as an investor in 2016. Later, in 2018 after realizing cryptocurrencies, government stance, and commotion in the space, Crypto Kanoon came into existence which Raja has started. To create awareness and subside the fear of attaining cryptocurrencies, Crypto Kanoon is on its way ahead to serve Crypto Community on various ends. 

WolfEdge Capital is a fund focused exclusively on the most ambitious early age blockchain startups and emerging crypto assets. Some of the highlighted investments are tomochain, Holo, zilliqa, Quarkchain, Icon, Wanchain, Cindicator, etc.

Here is the link to join: Friday, August 7th, 5:30 pm IST at

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