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Youtube Allegedly Experiencing Massive Hack Similar To Twitter

It’s been only 2 weeks since the world was dazed to absorb the mass hacking news of numerous high-profile Twitter accounts. The culprits demanded the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Bitcoin, during the heist. Present day, it looks like the similar rip-off is being witnessed on the Google owned video streaming site, YouTube. Nonetheless, this time the heist is a bit different than the Twitter one.

Bitcoin Scam Similar To Twitter

A scenario analogous to that of Twitter is being pulled off on YouTube. Just last week, more than a few individuals clicked on videos anticipating to watch the momentous homecoming of SpaceX space travelers. Nevertheless, the viewers were directed to videos that promised to twofold their virtual money if they were keen to send their BTC to exact addresses mentioned in the videos. Notably, this is a rip-off ploy similar to that observed on the social media network, Twitter.

This time, the key variance seems to be that while Twitter was ostensibly an inside job, the YouTube videos have possibly been taken over by outsiders. As alarming as this may appear, the tactic is becoming overused and usual now and its high time that people stay away from such repeated tactics.

What do you think about the increasing use of Bitcoin and privacy currencies like Monero in online thefts and dark markets? Let us know in the comments below!

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