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OneCoin Co-Founder Receiving Court Settlement from the U.S. Regulator

OneCoin crypto scam, one of the nefarious crypto exit scams that executed in 2014 having another interesting story coming out from the U.S. court to settle the allegations on Konstantin Ignatov on a “Stipulation Of Voluntary Dismissal.” 

Konstantin Ignatov, the co-founder of multi-billion dollar crypto scam OneCoin, is possibly no longer has to face the role of a defendant in the running court-case under New York Southern District Court. On Thursday, the court filing showed.

Konstantin Ignatov earlier was ordered to face up 90 years in jail on being the accused of playing a role of a crypto scammer along with his fugitive sister Ruja Ignatova, a.k.a the “Cryptoqueen” in a multi-billion-dollar international pyramid scheme of $4 billion.  

Reportedly, Donald Berdeaux and Christine Grablis (lead plaintiffs on behalf all the investors of OneCoin fraudulent scheme) from the filing quoted,

“Plaintiffs and defendant Konstantin Ignatov (together, the “Parties”) wish to discontinue between them without prejudice the claims asserted against Defendant Ignatov while not impeding in any way Plaintiffs’ further prosecution of their claims against the other defendants in this action.”

Constant Negotiation Made Ways for Ignatov

Ignatov was clutched by the U.S. police force in 2019 at the airport and since then the accused was found to be in the negotiation and settlement with the U.S. prosecutors while cooperating with plaintiffs. Ignatov is the prime lead against Ruja Ignatova and a key player of OneCoin crypto scam.

On April 7, Ignatov was pleaded guilty and in return received relief from the court of having an extension of few more months from April 8 to July 8, 2020, because according to the U.S. attorney Ignatov is being seen in cooperation with the prosecutors and the activity was still in the process to unseal the important facts.

As per the information, at the time, Audrey Strauss, the U.S. attorney mentioned:

“Because the defendant’s cooperation is not yet complete, the Government respectfully requests that the sentencing control date be adjourned for approximately four months.”

However, as per the latest filing, the U.S United States District CourtSouthern District Of New York mentioned that Ignatov must cooperate with the law enforcement agency and required to disclose all the relevant facts to plaintiffs or else all claims will be “automatically revert to the positions in which they were situated.”

“Konstantin Ignatov makes good faith efforts to provide complete and accurate information and documentation to the best of his abilities and otherwise complies with the terms set forth herein, this stipulation of discontinuance shall be construed as a dismissal with prejudice in full satisfaction of Plaintiffs’ claims, which are the subject of the Amended Complaint, upon judgment, settlement, or other resolution of the above-captioned action.” 

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