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Incredible Yet Comical! Paris Hilton’s Drawing of Cat Sold for $17,000 in ETH

Paris Hilton, the American media personality has just sold over her first-ever NFT – a digital cat’s drawing in an online auction for the charity purpose.

The auction was placed via Cryptograph, an online crypto-based auction platform powered by Ethereum blockchain that sells the creations (digital artworks) of prominent innovators and builders in the cryptosphere. The auction was started on August 12 and ended on Aug 15.

Source: Twitter

Cryptograph allows the creators to sell their digital creations in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) driven by Ethereum blockchain. The auction platform then contributes the earnings to charities being a philanthropic business model, according to its white paper page no. 12 & 13.

Three Charities Receives the Fund via Paris Hilton’s Digital Drawing 

Hilton announced the auction of digital Munchkin (one of her cats) via social media platform Twitter mentioning the purpose was a charity cause to three non-profit organizations that serve the homeless.

As per the tweet, United States-based, The LA Food Bank, Meals On Wheels, and BB4Homeless received the donation.

Source: Twitter

The Digital Munchkin raised 40 Eth which is approx. $17000. Hilton’s auction winner is an anonymous personality which goes by the name “Adirolls” who earlier bought Roger Ver (founder:’s) and Vlad Zamfir (Researcher: Ethereum Foundation) creations for 7 ETH ($3,017.35) and 25 ETH ($10, 017.35), respectively, as of press time.

Source: Twitter

Earlier in July, Adirolls also tried to buy Ethereum’s co-founder, Vitalik Buterin cryptograph in 70 ETH, though he was outbid from the deal due to the higher price set for the creation which was sold to someone else in 77.35 ETH. The bidding history on Cryptograph shows the report.

Hilton’s Foray in Crypto Space with LydianCoin

Interestingly, Hilton’s involvement in the cryptocurrency space was also noticed previously with Gurbasksh Chahal’s LydianCoin project. In Sep 2017, Hilton has announced her upcoming participation/ endorsement for LydianCoin sale via Twitter. However, now the tweet is deleted from the records

The spokesperson of Hilton says that she is no longer associated with LydianCoin. Chahal is an Indian-American Horatio Alger who tainted his reputation and this reportedly might be the reason for Hilton’s parting away from LydianCoin crypto-focused project.

The Singapore-based LydianCoin Pte. Ltd. wanted to raise $100 million in an ICO token sale.

Chahal, is at present, facing a jail term as he was allegedly found guilty in domestic violence against women, harassing and discriminating four former employees from Gravity4 (Chahal’s parent company) along with misdemeanor charges of battery.  

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