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Crypto Virtual Event by inblox: Before the Bull Run

Bitcoin had already crossed 10K USD and as usual, increased the global palpitations. With the expectations of a bull run on the horizon, all crypto circles are abuzz with speculations and signals and with usual suspects – scamsters. However, in every bull run, as has been seen in the past, most small investors end up losing their money instead of making more, which is what is expected. 

This has been a continuing trend and it is not a healthy one. This leads to the disenchantment of individuals from this business and investment in cryptos. There are also occasions where the entire industry is blamed for no fault of theirs.

So before one gets into investing in cryptos during an expected bull run, there are signals and fundamentals, which if heeded, will help the person in many ways to manage their expectations. 

So, what are some of the essentials to remember as a crypto investor before getting into a bull run?

Be ready to listen from the industry experts and buck up for further implementation.

inblox is going to organize another virtual e-meet up to spread cognizance on the cryptocurrency market which is soon to be a Bull Run market.

Mark the Schedule-

Date: Friday, 21st August

Time: 5:00 IST

Registration: Click on the link

Detailed Topics of Discussion

  • Understand the Bull and Bear cycles for Bitcoin and Altcoins 
  • Understand the basics of analyzing the fundamentals of altcoins.
  • Discuss whether the price targets for Bitcoin at USD 100k or 500k are real at all or not.
  • Discuss if the market is going to see 5x / 10x / 100x in altcoins. Also, investigate if it has ever happened.
  • What does an individual investor expect during a bull run? 
  • How does one go about managing the expectations when a Bull run is expected to start? 
  • Discuss options for investing: HODL, Swing Trading, Day Trading, investing in funds.
  • What are the traps to watch out for?

Brief Areas of Focus

The organizer is going to indulge in the basic understanding of the cryptocurrencies market, basic trading structure including the global trading environment, why it is important to upkeep the knowledge about the crypto world, information on phishing and scamming activities and the need to watch out for it before getting scammed. Also, some focus would be on various other areas of the crypto business.

inblox Concept on Crypto eWeekend Virtual Meetups

At inblox Events, the organizers are regularly trying to arrange crypto meetups and showcasing projects to spread cognizance on the core concepts of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Learning and Networking is one major tool to succeed in business and that’s what the platform is providing through a series of various conceptualized events. 

While the Indian crypto industry is doing its bit by increasing its education footprint as much as possible, the penetration of cryptocurrencies is yet to reach a tipping point. It is this tipping point that inblox looking forward to addressing through a separate virtual meetup dedicated to the science and business of cryptocurrencies. 

About the Speakers

Pareen Lathia | AVP Marketing, WazirX

Pareen looks after initiatives related to partnerships, education, content, and community. He has been a crypto investor/trader for 3 years now. He is a writer & entrepreneur who likes to educate people about Crypto. He is also a yoga teacher, minimalist, biker, and a bookworm. 

Sachin Jain | Co-Founder & CEO, Amesten Asset 

Sachin has a knack of trading, investing, and fund management in various markets globally. He has worked in early-stage Fintech startups like WealthTrust (Direct MF platform, acquired by Orowealth) and CoinDCX (India’s Largest crypto exchange). He has recently ventured into seed investing for startups across various verticals. 

Tarusha Mittal | Co-Founder & COO, Oropocket

Tarusha is the Co-founder & COO of OroPocket – a universal investment platform on Blockchain. Oropocket enables users to invest in fractional investment instruments offering vaulted gold and silver in India and recording asset ownership on Blockchain. Tarusha was also a part of the founding team of Ethx, of the first Ethereum exchanges of India. She is an award-winning entrepreneur who has been in the tech space for nearly a decade. 

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