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Google Pulls Out Outsourcing Business From BPO, Employees Found Involved in Bitcoin Scam

Google, the technology and Search Engine giant has pulled out outsourced business operations from a BPO company, Sykes. The BPO lately acknowledged that a couple of its employees were found involved in a crypto rip-off.

Subsequent to getting a corroboration that a couple of Cebu employees of Sykes have engaged in BTC cons, Google has withdrawn subcontracting business from the Philippines-based corporation.

Earlier this month, Sykes confirmed that quite a few employees had been associated with illicit goings-on.

Sykes Philippines notes in a statement,

“We serve many of the world’s largest brands with the highest levels of integrity, and we take fraud allegations very seriously. In the past few months, we learned that a small number of employees violated our standards of conduct.”

Notably, the original confirmation from the company didn’t divulge additional specifics apropos the aforementioned criminal goings-on. Nevertheless,, a local tech media outlet, lately divulged the connection of the aforementioned illegal operations with Bitcoin. As per the publication, 3 employees of the BPO working in Cebu, had whipped and transformed around sixty million Philippine Pesos (worth over one million USD) of Google gift cards into Bitcoins.

Moreover, Sykes shorn of speculations surrounding laying off its hundreds of personnel because of aforementioned events. As an alternative, the BPO fired the 3 unidentified employees but didn’t stipulate anything about filing felonious charges against them.

What do you think about the use of Google cards for getting Bitcoins by the criminals? How can such occurrences be prevented? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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