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China’s Jing’an District Luring Natives to Ponder on Blockchain Tech

China does not want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to deploying new technologies like blockchain, to stay ahead of time.

In a recent update, China’s Jing’an district is scheming to create awareness towards blockchain technology while enticing residents via offering blockchain discount coupons.

Source: Twitter

These blockchain discount coupons can be used for movies, theatre performances, buying music, e-commerce platforms, online lessons. As per the updates mentioned by online publication shine (shanghai daily).

This initiative has been taken by Jing’an Culture and Tourism Bureau while deploying WeChat Mini Program (WalkTheChat).

According to the WeChat wiki, WeChat Mini Programs are the “sub-applications” built within the WeChat platform via third party companies. In general, these WeChat Mini Programmes facilitates users of WeChat to use various advanced features such as e-commerce, task management, coupons, etc.

Highlights of Jing’an Blockchain Discount Coupons 

  • The coupons are obtainable from a WeChat mini program that would employ blockchain technology.
  • The coupons would be sent out daily and the data would be securely stored on the decentralized platform to analyze the record, interest, usage, and awareness among the Jing’an citizens towards the innovation.
  • All the district residents, employees, and students are eligible to get the coupons.
  • The value of the coupons varies from 5 yuan (73 US cents) to 60 yuan.
  • The coupons would also be used at multiple spots like the Movie Theater of Hubei, the Majestic Theater, the IV Movie Theater, the Chinese Malanhua Theater, the Welfare Institute Children’s Palace, including an online radio platform Ximalaya.

According to Chen Hong, director of the bureau, “Besides movies and theater shows,” the authorities are collaborating with Ximalaya- Shanghai-based online radio platform “to encourage people to buy online lessons or digital books.”

Further, Chen stated that “Jing’an is the first in the city to use blockchain technology in sending out such coupons.”

“We hope to deliver intelligent, convenient, and high-end cultural services to our people,” Chen added.

The novel coronavirus has subliminally attracted people globally towards the internet which has visibly proved to be a boon for both developing and developed nations like China.

After perceiving the obvious reasons to deploy technologies, China is also following the trend and not to forget the upcoming launch of China’s CBDC which can transpire anytime in the near months and impact the entire world.

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