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Want To Become A Blockchain Developer In 100 Days? Check Out “100 Days Of Code” By Indian Blockchain Community

Programming is an essential skill to succeed in a lot of ways today. People from all disciplines are trying to gain this skill and have realised that it isn’t rocket science but just gets boring to survive through the learning curve. Hence, community based learning groups are a great solution to collaboratively learn programming. Blockchained India is one such learning community that marries blockchain and collaborative learning to teach blockchain programming skills to aspiring founders and developers.

The india based community of blockchain enthusiasts is resolute in tackling the problems of today’s world through the power of distributed ledger technology, aka ‘Blockchain. With over 25000+ community members, it is the single largest pan-India contributor towards the knowledge base of blockchain and crypto!

“When the mission is as big as putting India at the forefront of this revolutionary technology, delivering a good quality upskilling program becomes so much more meaningful. It itself just makes the whole ‘100 days of code’ effort so close to our hearts. That’s why we see nothing short of the executive leaders of the best companies in the world partnering with us in this collaborative learning exercise. That is precisely why they look at supporting the top candidates through equity free grants to help bootstrap their business.” says Akshay Aggarwal, the founder of Blockchained India and Blocumen Studios.

Though the main aim of their initiative is to introduce people to the technicalities of the blockchain world, they have also been able to add value through grants that help participants bring their ideas to fruition. They started with their first batch in April, which has come to an end with some amazing results in equity free grants committed from the legendary billionaire VC Tim Draper’s Draper University and Canadian visionary Matt Spoke’s Open Foundation.

With registrations open for their second batch same, they are keen on sharing their focus on the partakers will learn and unlearn about what they already know about open applications. They will learn afresh about this through a coding exercise which will demand 100 consecutive days of hardwork and determination. The entire content is built around Java basics, blockchain intricacies, open applications and application development.

It is a great opportunity to take the first step into the blockchain world. All you need to do is just dedicate an hour daily to this, and come out as a blockchain developer in 100 days without actually having to disrupt your everyday life!! Interesting, isn’t it!

We asked a few participants on their experience with 100 days of code-

K Naga Tejaswini who works in PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) from Hyderabad was super enthusiastic in her response-

“100 days of code is one such program which I joined 3 months back and now I am happy to say that it’s a great initiative for people, who want to explore Blockchain and build applications on it. The course is designed in such a way that they teach from the basics and you only have to dedicate one hour every day. I got an opportunity to interact with participants from different backgrounds and also learn from them in this program.

In my opinion, “when we collaborate, we can learn more” and by bringing all Blockchain enthusiasts on one platform, we can share knowledge and build blockchain- based applications, which can solve real world problems!

At the end of the course, I was given a chance to come up with an idea to work on a project which got selected by Ian Chan, COO, Open Application Network and with continuous guidance and help by Blockchained India Team, now I am working on my project. Overall it was a great learning experience with 100 days of code program.”

While Lakshmi Aravind says having the best experience in blockchain learning-

“This is so far one of my best experiences till now about learning blockchain from scratch to developing an end to end Open app. It’s a collaborative learning concept that raises enthusiasm each passing day. They also arranged  industry experts, Trainers Gulshan & Bharath for us. We also have a review and problem-solving session separately so that no one is left behind the program, which can be rarely seen in present premium institutions. Overall I felt it like we were working as a team and helped each other share our ideas. I experienced industry-standard training with collaborative learning concepts!”

In a key- note address at India- Ideas Summit, Prime minister Narendra Modi endorsed blockchain as an ‘opportunity in frontier technology‘,thus renewing the hopes of the mass adoption of blockchain technology in various industries in India.

“Opportunities in technology also include opportunities in the frontier technologies of 5G, Big data analytics, Quantum computing, Blockchain and Internet of things,”

As per the recently introduced New Education Policy 2020, the focus will now more be on the development of students from an early stage in order to get them utter expertise!

With our Prime Minister urging everyone to take advantage of this revolutionary technology and now with the focus on early development of students, it’s high time even for us as adults to start upgrading/ upskilling ourselves so that even we are nose-to-tail with other countries in terms of the latest trends and adoption in the technology!

Attention Reader! Click here to register for ‘100 days of code’ and avail the golden opportunity of learning from the best/ experts from the field and get into the development phase of this revolutionary technology!

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